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Hire a campervan to take to a festival

Camping is part of festival life. In the UK it is almost a sacred part of the experience of festival-goers, a right of passage if you will. Who hasn't heard stories of campers making the most of muddy Glastonbury? However, just because you are camping in a muddy field does not mean you cannot treat yourself to a slightly more comfortable festival experience. We mean, you deserve it! Spending all day in the crowds, on your feet, slightly sleep deprived. Wouldn’t a cold drink be nice? Wouldn’t a mattress be nice? Wouldn’t a shower be nice? If anything, that last one got you. Well, it's all possible! You can combine the fun of a festival with the comforts of home through festival campervan hire!

Hire a festival-friendly motorhome

In order to party hard but sleep easy, more and more people are opting to take a campervan to a festival! It's nice to leave the somewhat primal feel of a festival behind when you do decide to turn in for the night. Instead of a sleeping bag on the floor of a somewhat soggy tent, you get the luxury of an actual bed. Instead of leaky canvas, you get windows (with curtains) and a solid roof over your head.

For many the most arduous part at the start of a festival is slogging through miles of muddy grass with a panoply of supplies. Then thinking you have found the perfect spot, only to find it has been taken by someone else's guy ropes. All this can be exchanged for pitching up in your motorhome or campervan and saving your back and dignity. Once you take a camper to a festival, there is no turning back… You’ll enjoy it so much, you won’t be able to imagine life before it!

So whether you are looking to enjoy the comforts of a real bed in your motorhome rental with your goldust Glastonbury festival tickets, the pleasures of a freshly cooked meal at Bestival or a quiet space to put your feet up at the Big Feastival, hiring a motorhome or campervan is the perfect option for your festival experience! 

Hire a festival-friendly motorhome

Practical things to consider

  • Unless specified you will need to purchase an admission ticket and a separate campervan or motorhome ticket

  • Campervan tickets are limited and can sell out quickly

  • Most festivals do not offer electricity or water hook-ups

  • If you use your in-vehicle toilet, you'll likely need to dispose of the waste outside of the festival grounds

Remember, not everyone allows their motorhome to be taken to festivals which is why we have compiled a list of motorhome owners on Goboony who do allow this. Fill in your desired dates and see which campervans are for hire. Please remember that these motorhomes are the beloved possessions of someone and they would undoubtedly expect you to treat them with respect and care no matter how wild you get in the festival arena! Festival campervan hire needs you to be careful with the vehicle, which shouldn’t be an issue as long as you leave the festival outside it. Find out which festival is on, then which campervans are for hire and then relish in your first camper festival experience!

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