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Camping is part of festival life, and in the UK it is an almost sacred part of the experience of festival goers, a right of passage if you will. However, despite the vast majority of festival goers being confined to the experience of camping in a tent, there are other options for the discerning reveller. Just because you are camping in a muddy field does not mean you cannot treat yourself to a slightly more comfortable festival experience. More and more people are opting to take a campervan as their accomodation, in order to party hard but sleep easy. It's nice to leave the somewhat primal feel of a festival behind when you turn in for the night and respectfully bed down in a cozy motorhome. Instead of a sleeping bag on the floor of a tent on uneven ground you get the luxury of an actual bed, instead of leaky canvas you get windows (with curtains) and a solid roof over your head. For many the most arduous part at the start of a festival is slogging through what seems like miles of muddy paths with a panoply of supplies, thinking you have found the perfect spot only to find it has been taken by someone elses guy ropes. All this can be exchanged for parking up in your motorhome or campervan and saving your back and dignity. 

Remember, not everyone will allow for their motorhomes to be taken to festivals which is why we have compiled a list of motorhome owners on Goboony who do allow this. Please remember that these motorhomes are the beloved possessions of someone and they would undoubtedly expect you to treat them with respect and care no matter how wild you get in the festival arena!