About Goboony

How amazing would it be to rent a motorhome on the other side of the world, and go on an awesome trip? Now that’s a real adventure! Exploring peaceful unknown areas teeming with the beauty of nature, small towns full of culture where you can have new experiences. Being able to decide whether you want to stay somewhere or not is made easy because your accommodation is on wheels. During a motorhome holiday you experience true freedom! At Goboony we want to give everyone the possibility to experience the freedom or to share the freedom with motorhome holidaymakers.

Goboony is a platform where motorhome owners and hirers are brought together. Whether you want to hire a top of the range motorhome, or an iconic campervan. You can find the perfect motorhome for your trip. If you love adventure and the freedom of the open road, you've come to the right place!

The Team

  • Mark

    Mark de Vos


    Both of his motorhomes were spending most of their time in his garage. Realising this, he had an idea for creating an online platform to help solve this issue. Prior to Goboony, he was the commercial director of a car importer group, before becoming a consultant specialising in business growth.

  • Foppe

    Foppe Mijnlieff


    The creative force behind Goboony; Foppe is at his best when he’s online. He's helped various startups to go from scratch to being lucrative businesses. In other words: he gets things done! He’s also in love with the piano (he’s a member of a jazz-band) and when the sun is shining you will probably find him somewhere 'in the boonies' enjoying the sun. Practise what you preach!

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas Koenig

    Head of Development

    Knows everything about difficult computer codes and complex systems. All the awesome technical features on the website are made by Nico himself. Everyday we hear the same message: “Hey guys, have you seen this new feauture on the website?”. He has the unique ability to translate the wishes of our customers into the easy to use features on the website.

  • William

    William van Tienen


    William is responsible for the Dutch team. He works together with the various team members to make. Together with Margje he is the proud owner of a VW T3. He can be found in the van almost every day, which gives him a sense of freedom even on a normal Tuesday evening.

  • Dorit

    Dorit Sorger

    Financial Controller

    Dorit is our Financial Controller. She manages the financial administration of Goboony, and takes care of reporting and analysis. To discover new places with a motorhome or a sailing boat gives her the ultimate feeling of freedom. Her most memorable trips have been to Cuba, Australia and New-Zealand.

  • Werner

    Werner van den Bergh

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Werner has been around since the very beginning of Goboony. Starting out as an intern, Werner is now the Head of Digital Marketing! Also responsible for SEA and probably several other acronyms. He likes getting his hands dirty when it comes to growth hacking and making sure operations are running smoothly.

  • Maikel

    Maikel Koopman

    Front-end Developer

    After many trips around the world Maikel bought his first camper in 2018. Since then he has been in the boonies most of the year. Every day he works from beautiful places in Europe to improve the user interface of the Goboony platform. In his spare time he likes to explore nature or cultural attractions.

  • Jeroen

    Jeroen Ducorney

    Country Manager BE

    Jeroen is responsible for the Belgian market at Goboony. He is also responsible to arrange partnerschips to get a better foothold in the market. He exercises his freedom by travelling in oldtimers from different countries.

  • Jake

    Jake Stone

    Country Manager UK

    As a seasoned traveller, Jakes goal is to bring the freedom of Goboony to the UK. Jake is responsible for the UK. Jake's most memorable holiday was sailing throughout the Adriatic sea. His dream trip would be to travel around Mongolia in a motorhome, but first he is on a backpack trip through Thailand, Japan and Australia.

  • Luca

    Luca Galli

    Country Manager IT

    Luca is Country Manager Italy. He loves the feeling he gets when he dives into the sea for the first time every summer. He loved his backpacking trip through Thailand and his road trip along the west coast of Italy. He would love to go to Sicily and Sardinia and Central and South America.

  • Fleurine

    Fleurine Tideman

    Content & Community Manager UK

    Following the completion of her degree in Psychology and Anthropology, Fleurine became part of our UK Team as Content & Community Manager UK. Her most memorable trips have been across central and southern Asia, particularly Nepal which she hopes to return to in the coming years to complete the Everest Base Camp trek. Her ultimate feeling of freedom comes from a trip with no prior bookings or routes set, such as hiring a motorhome in the Netherlands and finding your own journey across the continent.

  • Laura

    Laura Willis

    Customer Care Assistant UK

    When Laura isn’t helping advertisers and travellers in the UK, she enjoys travelling and drinking tea. Her favourite travel memories are visiting the tea fields of Hangzho and the water town of Tongli. She’d love to explore Vietnam next!

  • Mattia

    Mattia Coin

    Customer Care Officer Italy

    Mattia has loved to travel from an early age with the desire to discover new places and cultures. His dream is to visit Japan and most of the eastern countries. He thinks that there is no greater freedom than to travel without thoughts, following the path that most inspires him. For this reason, Mattia is very attached to the quality of the trips of our Boonies, to guarantee them the best possible experience.

  • Roberta

    Roberta Derosa

    Marketing & Communication Manager IT

    Roberta is helping the Marketing and Communication of IT. She enjoys photography, writing, cooking and travelling - all of which give her the feeling of freedom. Her most memorable trip was a road trip through Spain. She would still like to visit Indonesia and Japan.

  • Gintare

    Gintare Klim

    Data Analyst

    Gintare contributes to Goboony team as a Data Analyst. She feels free by overcoming her fears and constantly doing things that are out of her comfort zone. The most beautiful trip she has ever made is a trip to the Tatra Mountains in Poland. In the future she wants to go to Argentina.

  • Virginie

    Virginie Delporte

    Talent Acquisition Partner

    Before becoming part of the Goboony family, Virginie worked in venture capital coaching hundreds of startups. Business development is therefore second nature to her. A globetrotter at heart, she has been travelling all over with motorhomes, from the Polar Circle to the Carpathian hometown of Dracula.

  • Tobias

    Tobias Stroek

    Country Manager NL

    Tobias is the Country Manager NL and therefore responsible for growing the Dutch market. Together with his team he connects thousands of travellers with motorhome owners, resulting in beautiful trips. He can often be found in Switzerland and recently enjoyed a beautiful roadtrip through the Balkans.

  • Cherelle

    Cherelle de Graaf

    Content Marketeer NL & BE

    Cherelle is Content Marketeer NL & BE. She loves to write stories, preferably about her travels. Going on a camper trip through Australia and New Zealand is the kind of adventure that you would see on top of her list. With a surfboard on the roof rack and a camera around her neck!

Advisory Board

  • Stan

    Stan Stolwerk

    Managing Director NKC (Europe's largest motorhome club)

    Within NKC is Stan is responsible for vision and strategy develpment. Stan inspires and is a connector, who gives people freedom and responsibility, these traits have been key to his success. With his network and knowledge of the market, Stan helps Goboony from within the Advisory board to grow the company to new heights.

Where does the name Goboony come from?

In the boonies is an expression from New Zealand which means ‘go on a journey, go your own way and don’t let anyone guide you’. That is exactly the feeling you get when travelling with a motorhome. Combine that with two enormous travel and motorhome fans, Mark and Foppe (founders of Goboony), who met during a journey through New-Zealand with a motorhome, and that’s when the idea for Goboony started.

Goboony support office

Reactorweg 9a
3542 AD Utrecht

+44 203 856 3048 support@goboony.co.uk

Chamber of Commerce number: 62857452
VAT number: NL854986285B01