Where to go this weekend?

Get away for a nice break this weekend and refuel yourself!

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If you’re lucky enough to have some free time at the end of the week you might be wondering where to go this weekend? There are so many possibilities, the wonders of a staycation lie before you… Escape for a quick trip in a motorhome, and enjoy the wonderful outdoors whilst relishing your time off, all made easy through booking with Goboony! We have a variety of motorhomes available on our platform. Luxurious ones, vintage ones, budget vehicles, gorgeous VW’s and just outright kooky vans! All these vehicles are checked and certified for hire and raring to go on an adventure, be it lengthy or short! Of course we all love a long trip from time to time, but you don’t always have to go on an epicly lengthy journey to get a fully rewarding experience. A weekend travelling around in a motorhome is perfect for quick getaways, giving you a breath of fresh air and a lovely break.

If you’re hoping to stay near, and focusing your time on the trip not the driving, then you may be concerned for a moment: where can I find camper rentals near me? Have no fear, Goboony is here! A quick search will reveal dozens of motorhome options in the surrounding area. If you hope to travel somewhere new, somewhere unknown, you may have the opposite concern; I only know camper rentals near me! Take this opportunity to be adventurous and witness the great unknown. Hiring from a private owner is also advantageous for short trips, as they are likely to have great advice on the local area, including where to stay and where to go.

When planning where to go this weekend with your motorhome, it is important to factor in how much time you are willing to spend driving. If you are looking to put the road in road trip you may want to enjoy a day behind the wheel in which case the radius of where you can end up is larger, as is the possibility of discovering new places. With that in mind, you do not necessarily have to go far to find a beautiful spot. Most cities will have campgrounds once you get out of the suburbs meaning that you shouldn’t have to go far to get some peace and quiet and a lovely place to pitch up! It is up to you to decide if this trip is about the journey or the destination, as motorhomes allow for both!

The other important things to consider are who to bring and what kind of motorhome you want! If you just want to have a relaxing break with your significant other you might be happiest pootling along a country lane to a nearby campsite in a vintage split screen. Perhaps you’ll want an awning to enjoy the great outdoors and drink wine together under. If the kids are coming, you’ll be needing more sleeping spaces, or if you plan to hike the days away you could desire a shower to wash off! Maybe you want to experience the fancy freedom of Glamping, in which case you would go for a more spacious and amenity laden vehicle. The beauty of all of this is that the choice is yours! Anything is possible with motorhomes, everything is possible!

On this page you find the available options to hire a motorhome for a weekend, you are only a few clicks away from the dream of quick getaways! So search for what you’d like, get in touch with the private owner, decide where to go this weekend and uncover the wonder of motorhome travel. Hire a motorhome for the weekend with Goboony and enjoy this break from reality!