Affordable campervan hire

Ever wondered "are there cheap campervans for hire near me?" we have you covered!

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Affordable campervan hire 

Feel like a campervan holiday but all options seem to be over your budget? Goboony is here to help anyone and everyone who wants to experience the freedom of a holiday in a campervan or motorhome. We believe that there is a vehicle for everyone, whether it is a nice cosy affordable campervan, or a top of the line glampmobile luxury motorhome for hire. We have put together a list of some of  our cheapest available campervans and motorhomes currently on offer to get you started on saving on your memorable holiday. Feel free to take a look, I’m sure you can find something that suits your requirements! Budget camping is a beautiful way to see the UK and beyond which is why hiring a motorhome from a private owner is so useful, and why Goboony makes it possible. What you save on the cost of renting the motorhome can be put into having an even more amazing holiday and ensure you get to make the most of budget camping. With all of the opportunities out there for free camping in the UK, especially in Scotland there are even more ways to get the most out of a motorhome road trip on a shoestring budget.

When searching for the right motorhome for you be sure to keep in mind the kind of trip you'd like to go on. Does the motorhome allow for you to go on a road trip in Europe? do you need things like a kitchen or a toilet? On Goboony you can check all these things and more simply by using the useful search column on the left of a listing page. You can also now sort vehicles by price, making it even easier to grab yourself an affordable motorhome hire! Now of course to an extent you do get what you pay for, so to get the absolute lowest price you may be sacrificing that HDTV with a satellite and we might not be able to find you a vehicle with a jacuzzi. Further to this point, some of the more affordable vehicles are slightly older, and may have some quirks to them, but don’t let that put you off, all the vehicles have to be completely roadworthy and suitable for your holiday needs! With all this being said there are many owners out there who use Goboony purely for the pleasure of sharing the freedom and are more concerned with providing an amazing experience than the money itself.