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Benefits of Goboony for holidaymaker

On Goboony you can hire a motorhome directly from a private owner.

Plenty of choice

With Goboony finding hundreds of unique motorhomes is easy. Making a request will show you exactly how much the fee is. Search and book directly through the website.


Goboony is all about trust. For holidaymakers know what they're getting, and for owners to trust holidaymakers. We facilitate and encourage clear and informative communication through our easy to use messaging system. Furthermore, through receiving reviews you can learn from previous experiences and become a pro at hiring.

No surprises

We made comparing renting conditions easy. Your own risk is limited to an amount the advertiser specifies in his advertisement. Also every owner can indicate if roadside assistance and a replacement vehicle has been arranged for.


All motorhomes offered through Goboony meet the legal requirements. They must have have a valid MOT and the owner is obliged to be adequately insured. Information on how the roadside assistance and replacement vehicle are arranged are visible on listings. We love freedom, but your safety and enjoyment are our even more important!

Secure Payments

Payments through Goboony are safe and secure. You pay 25% to confirm your booking (if your holiday starts within 3 months, it's 50%). You pay the rest of the rental fee and the deposit three weeks before hiring. We only pay out to the owner 24 hours after you have the keys, and are on the road. In the mean time, your money is retained safely so you know you're getting what you want first.


The motorhome owner explained to us in detail how the roadside assistance was arranged. Knowing that gave me a lot of confidence whilst I was on the road.

Yoke went on a long holiday last summer with a camper from Goboony.


After our first campervan rental via Goboony, we were so enthusiastic that we bought one of our own! We have now placed it on Goboony with peace of mind and are very satisfied with the platform.

Peter has hired campervans several times through Goboony.