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Every day on the open road, every day different to the last, that's the joy of a motorhome holiday. But imagine if it didn’t have to be a short week, imagine if you could enjoy this freedom for even longer. Well, you can! Long-term motorhome hire allows you to take to the open road and enjoy the freedom for as long as you would like to, weeks or months even!

You could head to France in search of warmer weather this winter. You could explore everything Scotland has to offer. You could visit popular tourist destinations before they get busy in the summer. The choices are endless, and a motorhome will provide you with the freedom you need.

Vehicles with a Long Trip Discount

Many people have taken time off to do such a trip, and boast of the wonders of it. Learning to live in a minimalistic way, getting to explore so many countries and living in the moment. With a long-trip hire, you're definitely looking for the most budget-friendly option. We're here to help. On our site, private motorhome owners can set a ‘Long Trip Deal’, which allows them to provide discounts for trips over a week. The discount typically ranges from 5-10% and can make a huge difference in price. Below you'll find motorhomes that offer the Long Trip Deal, so start looking and start packing!

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