How Much Does Campervan Hire Cost?

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How much does campervan hire cost?

Hiring a campervan can cost anywhere between £300 and £1200 per week. A compact 2-berth campervan can cost £300 per week in the low season, whilst a luxury family motorhome can cost up to £1200 per week in the high season. How much campervan hire costs is dependent on the number of sleeping places, the age of the vehicle and the season of hire. 

On this page, you will find a clear overview of the prices of campervan or motorhome hire with Goboony. We have tried to make it as simple as possible, but if you have any questions please do get in touch.

Campervan and Motorhome Hire Prices

The overview of costs below is split by type of vehicle: Compact, Family, Classic and Adventure. As you will see, per vehicle type we have shown the prices per week depending on the number of berths and the season. The costs shown are for the number of nights, rather than the number of days. The Goboony seasons are split as follows:

  • High Season: July and August

  • Shoulder Season (Early): May and June

  • Shoulder Season (Late): September

  • Low Season: October to April

Sometimes prices can be quite far apart. This is due to a variety of factors such as, the age of the vehicle and the number of that vehicle type available on Goboony. As our offer of vehicles is large and varied, it is possible that some campervans and motorhomes hired through our website differ from the prices and types mentioned below.

Compact Vehicle (prices for 1 week)

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Family (prices for 1 week)

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Classic (prices for 1 week)

  Low season Shoulder season High season
2 Berth £400 - £700 £450 - £800 £500 - £1000
4 Berth £300 - £700 £400 - £800 £500 - £1000

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Adventure (prices for 1 week)

  Low season Shoulder season High season
2 - 4 Berth £350 - £700 £500 - £1000 £550 - £1000

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As well as the cost of the campervan or motorhome hire, there is also a deposit required. The deposit can vary by vehicle type and owner and is shown on the listing of the vehicle on the website. If you choose to add the Carefree Travel insurance to your booking, you will be able to reduce the deposit to just £150. This option is from £14.80 per day of your holiday, depending on the vehicle and length of booking.

Other costs to think about

Alongside the costs of hiring the campervan or motorhome, there will of course be additional costs.

Overnight Stays - There are a variety of camping options to consider when planning your campervan or motorhome hire holiday. Most campsites cater for motorhomes and campervans, though some only have a limited number of pitches, and offer a range of different facilities. It is a good idea to decide exactly what you want before starting your search. There are also many free camping spots available if you know where to look! Check out our blog for some great resources to help your search.

Fuel Costs - If you go on a motorhome or campervan holiday you will of course need to take fuel costs into account. If you plan to drive in other countries, bear in mind that costs can vary significantly.

Toll Roads - Depending on where you go, you may have to use or have the option to use toll roads. Many popular holiday destination countries, such as France, Spain and Italy have many toll roads, bridges and tunnels. If you plan your journey well in advance it is possible to avoid some of these extra costs and enjoy more beautiful scenery! This can mean that you will use more fuel, but it depends on how you decide to plan your route. Some countries also require you to purchase a highway vignette, while others allow you to pay by cash, card or in some cases you will need to purchase a special badge which is linked to your bank account. Check out our blogs for more information on toll roads in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Goboony Motorhome Hire H2

Activities - When you are on a campervan or motorhome hire holiday, there are always plenty of fun activities to do. Hiking through nature and chilling on the beach are of course free, but if you want to have a go at surfing lessons or guided tours this can cost money. For ideas of the sorts of things you can do and where to go, you can explore our inspiring blogs.

Food and Drink - Again you can make this as cheap or expensive as you like. With a motorhome you have the option of cooking and eating all of your meals in your vehicle. This has many advantages! Not only can it be a lot cheaper than eating out, but you can cook your favourite meals and bring along all those holiday treats. Some vehicles also come with fridges so you can even have a nice cool drink! If you are looking for some easy recipes for your trip, then check out this article.

Are you interested in hiring a campervan or motorhome? Begin your search with Goboony and plan your perfect road trip holiday.

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