Renting out your Motorhome Succesfully

Renting Out Your Motorhome Successfully

Goboony is here to help you rent out your motorhome - and get a nice profit on it! We help get motorhome owners in touch with those looking to enjoy the freedom of a motorhome holiday! You can list your motorhome(s) on our website and wait for the requests to start rolling in. You get to decide the price, rules and who can book your van. You stay the private owner, but get found by those looking for motorhome hire near them. And we’re here to help you do that, so here are some things you might not know!

How to have a great listing

We recommend having 6 clear photographs for your listing, showing it from various angles and locations. Take it somewhere it can have a nice view, this makes a huge difference and allows the holidaymaker to imagine themselves on holiday with it as well! Have a long description describing it in detail, and be sure to fill in your amenities section, Respond to messages quickly and try not to decline too many bookings, this will build your Advertiser score and make you appear more trusted and place you higher in searches. You can find more tips to improve your listing here!

Changing the dates of a booking

If a traveller would like to change the dates for their booking request or confirmed booking, they can do so by adjusting the dates in their dashboard. You will then get notified of this by email and will be able to approve or decline the request for the new proposed dates. The process of changing dates is handled completely between you and the traveller, cutting out the need to reach out to our support team. 

Setting and amending your rental fee on Goboony

We all know our ideal rental price, for our special motorhomes, but the holidaymakers will also have a budget to stay to. Therefore, it’s vital to have an appealing price. If you haven’t had any requests after a while of advertising, it may be wise to consider a price reduction. If you compare your prices to other listings on Goboony, you can work out a fair price for your vehicle. Lower prices receive not only more bookings but longer bookings too. Remember, that you can also use seasonal prices, with special rates for peak times or special holidays - but always inform your traveller if you want to change the price after a request comes in! If you discuss it, they may still want to book your van, but doing it without mention will ensure a cancelled request!

Seasonal rates

If you’ve already put seasonal rates on your listing, that’s brilliant! Users with mid-season and low-season rates are 10 times more likely to receive bookings throughout the year. The summer months are the most popular time to hire a motorhome. However, people’s thirst for adventure is there all year round! When it comes to seasonal rates and rates in general. It is your responsibility to make sure they are up-to-date and accurate. The rates that the holidaymaker will see are the ones that you set. Seeing as bookings happen all year round (even January!), it makes sense to have several seasonal rates. It also makes your listing look more comprehensive and lets people know you have really thought about the hiring procedure. Remember, the holidaymaker sees the rate for the dates they wish to book, so bookings for summer made in winter will have your summer rates.

Updating your Calendar

Have you ever had to tell someone trying to book that your motorhome is unavailable then? If so, you need to update your calendar!

At Goboony, we appreciate that you may also take bookings on another platform. However, it’s extremely important that you block off these periods in your Goboony Calendar. This is so that your motorhome is clearly unavailable then. You go to ‘my motorhome’, ‘availability’ and then scroll down to 'add blocked period'. There is no point replying to requests that you cannot take and it is disappointing for people to believe your motorhome is available only to find that it isn't or to not get a response. Completing the simple task of updating your calendar means you save plenty of time, for both you and holidaymakers. Ultimately, the calendar feature on Goboony was designed to make the whole process smooth, it's there to be used!

Clarifying House Rules

We want you to feel comfortable renting out your motorhome. Part of this includes letting you determine the house rules for your vehicle. You can also choose if your motorhome can be taken to festivals. The default option is no, but by making it yes, you increase the chance of requests and can charge more through a seasonal rate during major festivals (e.g. Glastonbury). Also consider that not all festivals are wild ones, as some are family-oriented ones that are as safe as any campsite! If you’re nervous about misuse, you can set the age higher.  The same applies for taking the motorhome abroad, allowing pets, and all the other house rules. If you allow or do not allow something make sure that you specify that, it is so much easier for people to know these things before they approach you to hire. Furthermore, you can always decline the request if you don’t feel comfortable!

Example of house rules for a listing on Goboony

Details for Insurance

It is important to have any relevant insurance information clearly stated on your listing. This includes whether they need to get their own insurance, whether you’ll have to hold on to the deposit and more! If you have been given specific criteria by which you are allowed to hire out your motorhome, make sure this information is presented to holidaymakers when relevant. This will save any confusion, and make getting the relevant documents sorted much easier for both parties. Ultimately, we require all your hires to be covered by insurance and clear information makes this easier to do. A top tip of ours would be to specify on your listing that you need a DVLA share code. This will allow your hirer to share license information with you to know that your insurance will cover the rental.

As with all of these procedures to make using the site easier, we are more than happy to help if there is anything you do not understand, please contact us and we will help you become a Goboony guru!