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Luxury Motorhome Hire UK

Sometimes it’s nice to really treat yourself. Nothing to be ashamed of, we all deserve some pampering. Many of us also like the idea of a road trip or camping, but aren’t interested in sacrificing comforts. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy a road trip or camping and feel pampered, all through luxury motorhome hire. Thanks to technology providing some great improvements through handling, parking assistance and navigation technology, the larger more luxurious vehicles are becoming more accessible and easier to drive. If you see yourself as more of a glamper than a camper we would definitely recommend going down the luxury route. Let your home away from home be a palace.

Hire a Luxury Motorhome on Goboony

The great thing about using Goboony for luxury campervan hire is that it utilizes private motorhome hire, meaning that you get to meet and talk to the owner, who will give you a rundown on all the things you need to know about the motorhome. Receiving this information from a passionate owner means you can feel prepared to drive such a luxury motorhome when you hire, and to enjoy it as much as possible. Furthermore, as you are hiring directly from a private owner you can also save a bit on the price. Remember luxury doesn’t always simply mean brand new and huge. Some vehicles have been customised over a few years to make them really special and worthy of being called a luxury motorhome. Whether it’s an RV with a plush sizeable bathroom and space for 7 guests or a fully converted yellow school bus, the motorhomes have a certain wow factor that is sure to turn heads and give you the ultimate glamping experience.

On this page you can check out some of the luxury campervan hire options on Goboony platform. It is important to check the license requirements as some but not all of these vehicles require B or C qualifications. It is important to consider your experience in driving vehicles of a certain size, and discuss whether the owner thinks it will be an issue. The other important thing to check if you are hiring one of the larger luxury motorhomes is to check the sites you plan to stay at for their pitch sizes. Most will be able to accommodate any size of vehicle with ease but it is always better to know you can than to find out you can’t when it comes to setting up camp after a day on the road. But with a private motorhome hire, you’ll have the time and space to discuss any queries and fears, ensuring that your luxury campervan hire runs smoothly and calmly, giving you the pampering holiday you deserve!


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