Insuring your motorhome for hire

Insuring your motorhome for hire


The prospect of earning on your motorhome is naturally very enticing. However as with all ventures of this kind you will need to be adequately insured to make sure you can hire it out and earn with peace of mind. 

There are two main types of insurance for motorhome rental, annual self drive hire policies and pay as you go cover. Each have their own benefits, so it is important to choose the right path for you, depending on how often you intend to hire out and what kind of coverage you want in your policy.

Annual Self drive hire policies


Annual self drive hire policies are the way to get your motorhome insured for hiring it out throughout the year. Most policies are comprehensive and by default also cover you for using it when not hired out. These policies typically cost more than insuring your motorhome for personal use, but the idea is you would make the cost back after a couple of hires. We would recommend taking one of these policies if you intend to have your motorhome hired out for 3 or more weeks in a year. Most self drive hire policies offer replacement vehicles as an extra as well as breakdown cover as a standard. 

Some policies that we have had our users recommend have gone through Alan Boswell  (Liverpool Victoria). 

Alan Boswell is one of the biggest insurance brokers in the UK offering annual self drive hire policies so naturally many users on Goboony will be with them. Alan Boswell require the security deposit amount to be with the owner before the rental trip. This is contrary to Goboony's usual policy wherein we hold the deposit for the duration of the rental trip. However, to faciliate those owners who use Alan Boswell and still want to rent out an arrangement can be come to where the owner holds the deposit instead. Please contact Goboony if this is the case and we will be able to arrange it. 


Pay as you go Cover for motorhome hire


Pay as you go cover is perfect if you want to just try out hiring your motorhome first before committing to an annual policy, or if you only intend to take a couple of bookings per year. Naturally the benefits of getting insurance solely for the hire period will save more money the fewer bookings you take. The trade off however is that you will typically be paying more per day than an annual policy, and it is important to consider what kind of breakdown cover you will receive, and what your excess would be before taking a pay as you go policy.

Some popular insurers for pay as you go include Markerstudy and Dayinsure and most popular with Goboony users so far has been Insure Car Hire (Sky Insurance).

The next step if you are gearing up your motorhome for hire is to get a quote from the policy providers. It is always advised to shop around to see which policy suits you and your motorhome best. Insuring a classic T25 comes with a whole different set of variables. If you do have further questions you can always contact Goboony support via phone or email. We cannot give you a quote but we can always advise you on seeking out the right policy for you.