Insuring your motorhome for hire

Insuring your motorhome for hire

The prospect of earning on your motorhome is naturally very enticing. With the right insurance you can both earn more with your motorhome  and maintain peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is covered.There are two main types of insurance for motorhome rental, annual self drive hire policies and pay as you go cover. Both are great options depending on how often you intend to hire out and what kind of coverage you want.

Pay as you go Cover for motorhome hire

Pay as you go cover is perfect if you want to just try out hiring your motorhome first before committing to an annual policy, or if you only intend to take a couple of bookings per year. For this we recommend getting your Travellers to take out coverage through Dayinsure.

Annual Self drive hire policies

An annual self drive hire policies is the way to get your motorhome insured for hiring it out throughout the year. Most policies are comprehensive and by default also cover you for using it when not hired out. These come with a cost, but the this will be earned back within a few rentals. We would recommend taking this policy if you intend to have your motorhome hired out for 3 or more weeks in a year. Alan Boswell can provide you with a self drive hire policy and uses Underwriters like Allianz and LV.