Campervan hire in France

Due to the sheer size of the country, you can take several trips to France and still want to keep coming back for more. As a very motorhome friendly country, motorhome hire in France in the ideal way to explore this vast country, as there are countless places to stop off and discover along your journey. Campervan hire from private owners in France is made easy on Goboony! We make the process safe, reliable and fun. You can filter for numerous amenities and facilities, ensuring you get the vehicle of your dreams. You can also filter on whether or not campers or motorhomes near you can travel to the continent for your rental, ensuring you see only vans available for motorhome hire to France. Make sure to check out the driving rules in France and don't be caught unaware by the many toll roads across the country.

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Campsites in France

As the country in Europe with the largest number of motorhomes and caravans (certain sources say Germany has an even greater number), there are thousands of campsites and motorhome facilities in France. If you’d rather have a more local and personal camping experience you should check out our friends over at Home camper. They specialise in campsites and helping people who want to go camping but have an alternate experience to the usual campsite vibe by letting you get in touch with people who have land which can be stayed on.

For the more traditional touring experience we recommend checking out Cave cidricole Gautard, St. Germain de Montgommery in the province of Basse Normandie. This is a great little site that you can get to within the same day you get off of the ferry with your motorhome hire. Being conveniently situated in Normandy is not the only thing that makes this site great. It is completely free to stay at, as well as having water and lighting. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of staying here is that you can also buy locally produced cider as well as the local spirit calvados (goes great poured over a scoop of ice cream).

Things to do in France

There are obviously countless things to do in France, and ultimately the best way to find your ultimate experience is to blaze your own trail. There are plenty of festivals during the warmer months. For a truly authentic experiences we recommend really going out of your way to befriend locals and get their insight into what to do from them. The French countryside is full of charm and surprises if you know where to look. There are often hidden away tiny restaurants and bars that you can only really find out about through getting to know people in the area. As a country with such a rich heritage of food and drink culture, the best kept secrets are just that.

Events in France

While there are many events on offer in France across the year, to really immerse yourself in French culture, one must be open to sampling a variety of local fine wines! It is likely that wherever you intend on heading in France there will be something of a local wine industry. There are countless opportunities to embark on a wine tasting weekend and get a tour of a local vineyard. One such highly regarded place for this is the Hospice de Tonnerre in Burgundy, that holds an annual Wine tasting over the Easter weekend. Tickets were €2 last year and included in the price was free tasting of the wines on offer which we think works out as a pretty good deal. Bastille Day on 14th July is a fantastic time to visit the country as it erupts in celebration of French history and culture since the Revolution, with parades, fireworks and parties wherever you go!