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Campervan hire in London

London is not only the capital of the UK, it is also the hub of at least the south of England, full of ideal transport links with several airports. This makes it the perfect place for people within or from outside the UK to start their motorhome holiday in the UK. Goboony has plenty of opportunities for motorhomes hire in London, some of the private owners will even meet you at their local airport to make the handover even more convenient! Campervan hire in London is growing as more and more people wish to start an adventurous road trip in the capital before going further afield. After sorting the rental fee’s and picking up your motorhome, you can easily head out of the city, or stay at one of London’s campsites for a few days to see what this incredible city has to offer and the best events in London!

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Campsites in London

Now that you’ve sorted out motorhome hire in London, it is time to figure out where you will stay. Surprisingly for one of the largest cities in the world, you can find quite a few great campsites in London. The following are highly rated and recommended by the Camping and Caravanning Club, just remember to book ahead in busy seasons to ensure you have a place! Horsley is a lovely peaceful campsite that even has its own lake, this campsite is situated near London, and is perfect for relaxing, watching the world go by and even fishing! Camping here is convenient as you can avoid driving to get into London, instead taking the train for a short ride into the city. Walton on Thames has a tranquil and peaceful campsite just 15 miles from the city, all in all a great place to go Glamping near London. The site has an abundance of wildlife, and is surprisings wild considering that is is a campsite near London. Though there aren’t all the facilities found in some of the fancier campsites, there is plenty to do in the are for the whole family to enjoy. Three of The UK’s best theme parks Legoland, Thorpe Park and Chessington world of adventures are all a short drive away. For dog owners, there is a great walk you can do on site which your pooch will love making this a very pet friendly campsite. Finally, for those who really want to be near the action, Chertsey campsite is right on the banks of the river Thames, and is a very convenient and cheap campsite, only 10 minutes by train from London!

Things to do in London

Of course there are thousands of things to do in London, and you’d have to spend a lifetime to do them all. Since you will probably be at your campsite near London for a few days, the following are more geared up for those taking a long weekend in London. For those who aren’t squeamish and have a fondness for history, we recommend the London Dungeons, where you can see the grim underbelly of crime and punishment in the past. If you would like to see some of the natural Grandeur of the Victorian age, why not head to Crystal palace to take a long walk around this historical and beautiful park. One of the best things about London are its museums, almost all of which are free, and many are unrivalled in their displays and vastness. Some of the largest and most impressive are the Natural History Museum and the Imperial war museum. There is quite literally no end to the amount of things you can get up to whilst visiting London, we recommend figuring out what you want to prioritise this time, and get planning on the next visit.

Events in London

If you are there in late August, be sure to check out Notting Hill Carnival, Take the tube to Notting hill and enjoy a fun day of Caribbean food and great music to get loose to. The festival is a celebration of caribbean culture music and food, so make sure to take in all you can and join in celebrating the rich diversity of London, There is a parade with floats that winds through the area full of colours, big sounds and lots of moves.

If you are visiting in January, be sure to check out the annual London Art Fair, which runs from the 16th to the 20th and has thousands of pieces from all over the world. The fair also has a thematic exhibition, lectures, talks and guided tours to make the most of the experience.