PSD2 Compliance information

Is my money safe with Goboony?

Yes, your money is always safe with us. We have always had a separate account for the purpose of holding rental fees until they are to be sent. Thanks to our new third-party solution, this account is now also extra safe and managed off the platform through Mangopay.

Mangopay has a bank license and meets all EU regulations.

This confirms that alongside not using those funds for operations, it further exists independently from the company and would not come into company use in the event of bankruptcy.

Even in the extreme case of bankruptcy, we would not be able to claim it.

Why do you need a copy of my ID?

Your account number must be verified in order to pay you for bookings. Uploading proof of identity is now a mandatory part of the verification process for advertisers on Goboony. Due to this, it is now necessary that you verify your Goboony account by uploading a copy of your driving license.

Can I hire out on Goboony without uploading my ID?

No. Your account number cannot be verified without a copy of a valid driving license. we can only payout to verified accounts, meaning It would not be possible to rent out.

What happens to my payments if I don't upload my ID?

The account number cannot be verified without a copy of a valid proof of identity. We would not be able to pay you for bookings until you complete this short but necessary process.

Is my ID and data secure?

Yes, the copy of your identity document is completely safe with us on the platform. Goboony and Mangopay guarantee that all sensitive information, including bank details and IDs, are handled safely and securely following PSD2, AVG and PCi DSS agreements.

Only Goboony employees who are responsible for checking the verification process and your account will have access to your ID.

What are the requirements for the copy of my ID?

We need a copy of your passport, ID or driver's license. The photo must be clearly visible. In addition, we require a copy of the front and back. This video will show you how to upload it.

Any questions regarding the update?

Please contact our support team if you have any queries or need assistance. simply email or call us on +44 203 856 3048.