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This webinar will cover the following:

  • What do you need to start hiring out
  • How much you can earn hiring out your motorhome
  • How the insurance and breakdown service works
  • How you decide your own rules for hiring out
  • How we help you throughout the hire process

During our scheduled webinars you can ask questions about hiring out your motorhome. We will discuss everything from insurance to earning potential. We have already helped over 8000 motorhome owners hire out their vehicles successfully, and would love to help you get started too! If you don't see a time and date that works, you an always select to view our webinar on demand. If you'd like to have a call with us for a more personal touch, please book an appointment here (also available in the on demand version of the webinar). 

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How does hiring out on Goboony work?

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Learn all there is to know about hiring out your motorhome in our latest e-book 'Carefree Hiring'. Download this free e-book full of tips from ourselves and other motorhome owners about how to hire out your motorhome like a pro. The e-book is laid out practically with a handy checklists to keep things simple.

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