The Goboony E-Book Library

In order to share the freedom of motorhome travel, we first have to share the knowledge! All of these e-books are free to download, and contain tips, advice from fellow travellers, routes and more. Grab a cup of coffee, download an e-book, and let the wanderlust take over...

5 Best Road Trips in England

A country bursting with picturesque countryside, traditional villages and some truly unique landscapes; England encompasses everything you would look for in a UK road trip. Along with five of the best routes, our e-book is packed with sights to tick off, campsites to stay at and how to choose the best campervan for your trip.

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Travelling With a Dog in a Motorhome

Gone are the days when a holiday meant calling the pet sitter, as more and more we appreciate the joys of pet-friendly motorhome travel! A motorhome is a great way to bring your dog on holiday, and we're here to tell you exactly how to do that.

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Motorhome Travel With Children

Thinking of going on a motorhome trip with your family? Fantastic! Travelling with children is an enriching experience that we can’t recommend enough. It’s the perfect way to spend time together as you escape the bustle of daily life. We’ve compiled a handy guide to travelling with kids in a motorhome, so you’ve got everything you need in one place.

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5 Routes for Taking Your Campervan Around Europe

We'll take you from the fjords of Norway to the coast of Portugal in our itineraries, which are filled with the best stops, campsites and more. From ideas to practical tips, our free ebook is bursting with inspiration for your next European adventure.

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A Guide to the Best Small Motorhomes

Volkswagen to Ford, we've rounded up everything you need to know into a compact guide on the best small motorhomes. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a small van, the average price, as well as the best brands and models. This will allow you to compare the many options available, as well as determine what's best for your needs. 

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