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Ebook magazine ipad en white An increasing amount of motorhome owners want to rent out their motorhome due to the obvious financial incentive of doing so. It is important to undertake this adventure adequately prepared, so that both the motorhome owners and guests experience goes smoothly. In the completely renewed E-book ‘Carefree rental’ (2017 edition), Mark de Vos, co-founder of Goboony shares the ins & outs with you on how you can rent out your motorhome safely and easily via our site.

Within this comprehensive E-book, you will read about how you can safely and easily rent out your motorhome. All aspects of the renting process will be discussed from taking care of and consider before renting out Does your insurance cover rental? What happens if the interior has been damaged? If needed, how will you handle the cleaning and retaining the deposit? What to do if the hiring party experiences a breakdown? And what if your guest cancels late notice? The guide is practically built with handy checklists.

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