The Ultimate Guide to Taking a Campervan to Glastonbury 2024

August 31, 2023 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, England, Events and Festivals & United Kingdom

Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the south of England each year to visit Glastonbury, one of the most iconic music festivals in the world. There’s something for everyone at Glastonbury, and with campervans, it’s made accessible to everyone as well. 

If you don’t fancy sleeping in a flimsy tent or drinking warm alcohol each evening, then don’t worry, you can simply take a campervan to Glastonbury. When do campervan tickets for Glastonbury go on sale? What kind of tickets do I need to buy? What should I bring? Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about taking a campervan to Glastonbury. All you’ll need to do is find your wellies, pack your bags, and prepare for the best week of your life.

Can I take a campervan to Glastonbury?

The short answer is yes,  you can take a campervan to Glastonbury, and you definitely should!

To bring a campervan to Glastonbury, you first need to book your festival ticket, and then your campervan ticket. Just a campervan ticket is not enough to be able to attend Glastonbury. You can have one campervan per campervan ticket. Everyone in your travelling party needs a festival ticket as well. 
Glastonbury campervan hire Glastonbury 2024 campervan tickets

When do Glastonbury campervan tickets go on sale?

This year, general admission tickets for Glastonbury Festival go on sale at 9 AM GMT on Sunday the 19th of November 2023. The selling date for Glastonbury campervan tickets 2024 is still to be released, but they generally go on sale shortly after the general admission tickets. Make sure to buy your campervan ticket immediately to get one, as the demand is very high and space is limited.

Just like with festival tickets, Glastonbury campervan tickets are non-transferable and will include the name and address of the booker. Instead, if you can no longer attend, you need to do the official resale through Glastonbury. 

What campervans can I take to Glastonbury?

There are four different types of campervan tickets for Glastonbury:

  1. East Quiet Campervans/ Hired, Delivered Vehicle Pitches (Blue route):
    This is a pitch of up to 8m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of up to 8m in length. This is ideal for families, those with accessibility issues, and those looking for a quieter field.
  2. East General Campervans (Blue route):
    This is a pitch of up to 8m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of up to 8m in length. It’s basically the same as the first option, without the rules around noise.
  3. Bath & West Campervans Regular Pitch (White route):
    This is a pitch of up to 8m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of up to 8m in length. It is located at the Bath & West Showground, with a 24-hour free shuttle bus service to the festival site. So it’s basically the same as the second option, but further away from the festival grounds.
  4. Bath & West Campervans Large Pitch (White route):
     This is a pitch of up to 16m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of over 8m in length. It’s also available for hired vehicles being delivered. It is located at the Bath & West Showground, with a 24-hour free shuttle bus service to the festival site. 

Small campervans, like Volkswagens or converted vans, can take their pick out of options 1 to 3. But if you’re hiring a larger motorhome, like a six-berth, you’ll need to go for option 4. It’s important to check the dimensions of your vehicle beforehand, as otherwise, you might be rejected upon arrival. 

Only campervans or caravans with fitted sleeping, washing and cooking facilities will be allowed into the campervan field. You can filter for these amenities when searching for a campervan.
Glastonbury campervan hire Glastonbury 2024 campervan tickets

Where can I hire a campervan for Glastonbury?

You can hire a campervan for Glastonbury right here at Goboony. We have a filter to display vehicles from owners willing to hire out for festivals. Simply select ‘House Rules: Festivals allowed’ when searching for your Glastonbury campervan hire.

Make sure to mention your plans when requesting a vehicle, so the owner is aware of where the van will be going during your trip. They might even have tips on what to bring and how to further improve your experience!

Hire a campervan for Glastonbury 2024 

Glastonbury campervan hire Glastonbury 2024 campervan tickets

Arriving at Glastonbury in a campervan

The campervan fields open at noon on the Tuesday, and remain open until 14:00 on the Sunday. You cannot access the field earlier than this, so ensure this fits the pick-up time you arrange with the campervan owner. 

Pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis, so be sure to arrive on time to get a good spot. Particularly if you hope to be parked next to your friends in another campervan, you’ll want to arrive early enough to ensure this is possible. You’ll need to arrive together as pitches can’t be reserved.

You’re allowed to set up your awning as long as it fits within your pitch, so you can create a cosy little camping set-up. We recommend getting everything sorted immediately, so resist the urge to run off to the festivities, and instead set up everything you’ll need for the evening. 

It’s a short 10-minute walk from the campervan fields to the festival, so you’ll be ready for a full day of Glastonbury fun! 
Glastonbury campervan hire Glastonbury 2024 campervan tickets

What should I bring for Glastonbury in a campervan?

Aside from your general packing list for Glastonbury, it’s worth bringing the following:

  • Sheets and pillows
  • Ice trays for your freezer (if applicable)
  • Camping furniture
  • Rental information and emergency contact details
  • Towels
  • Travel fan
  • Dustpan and brush

You can check out our full packing list for motorhome holidays for more inspiration.

It’s also worth considering what is provided at the festival campsite. You’ll find water, waste-water containers, toilets, and a food trader open 24 hours a day. There is no electricity provided for field users, so be sure to bring power banks, which you can keep powered from the sockets in your van, or through charging stations on the festival grounds. If you have a van with solar panels, you’ll be set for the weekend!
Glastonbury campervan hire Glastonbury 2024 campervan ticketsPhoto by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

Tips for bringing a campervan to Glastonbury

-Decide on the type of motorhome you want to bring before purchasing your Glastonbury campervan tickets. This ensures you know whether you need a large or regular pitch, as this can’t be amended later. This also means you need to know how many people will be staying in your van.

-Book your campervan in advance. These are extremely popular dates for motorhome hire, so make sure you’ve got your van sorted ahead of time. Last-minute bookings will be hard to arrange.

-Check that you’ve got the right driving license and qualifications to hire a campervan and drive it. Ensure this before you’ve confirmed your booking.

-Nervous about driving a larger motorhome? Glastonbury also has the option for the vehicle owner to drop it off, you just need to get in touch with them. You can also aim to hire an easy-to-drive motorhome.

-Give everything a set place as soon as you arrive, or things will get chaotic quickly in the van. Campervans come with a lot of storage space, so use it all! Make sure you keep the stuff you need in the evening close to the bed to avoid waking others up.

-Campervans come with a fridge, and sometimes even a freezer, so make use of these. Have plenty of water prepped and ice cubes if you can. This is especially important if it’s warm weather during Glastonbury. If you need to cool your van, hang a wet towel by an open window.

 -A handy trick for packing is to pack your outfits for each day separately. You can put them each into a packing cube or ziplock bag. This ensures that you can easily grab what you need without emptying the cupboards.

-Make sure to lock your van properly and close all windows before leaving for the festival. 

Now you’re ready to take on Glastonbury 2024 in a campervan! Once you try the comfort of taking a campervan to a festival, you’ll truly never look back. Festivals don’t have to involve sleeping on the hard ground or constantly feeling dirty, not when you’ve got a lovely little home on wheels to return to each evening.
Glastonbury campervan hire Glastonbury 2024 campervan ticketsPhoto by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash

It’s time to hire a campervan for Glastonbury 2024, and let the adventure begin! You can also check out more music festivals in Europe to visit in a campervan, or our tips for camping at Glastonbury.