5 Reasons to Hire a Campervan for a Festival

April 2, 2018 in Tips for Travellers and Events and Festivals

You can probably think of a few reasons you should hire a motorhome for a festival, but here are a few more! Now that tickets are being released we can begin to look forward and past the awful weather that has recently been plaguing Europe, and instead look at the upcoming Festival Scene!

Come June and July, hundreds of thousands of individuals will be pulling on their wellies and heading out to the fields to listen to their favourite artists. And whilst these festivals usually involve camping on the provided sites, we are here to explain why you should take a new direction this year- the motorhome direction!

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Bring more with you to save money at a festival!

Being able to save money at a festival is something of an art. Whilst bringing a motorhome to a festival most commonly leads to a more expensive ticket for the parking spot, we believe that it is an investment in your time there. Your main initial cost will be your motorhome, but if you rent a private motorhome this won't be too expensive! You can also go for a smaller vehicle, like a VW campervan, as you'll mainly be sleeping in it. 

But the money spent initially will be saved throughout your time there, as budget camping is easy in a campervan. The majority of motorhomes have their own fridge, which will allow you to do your own cooking with your campervan! You will no longer be chained to the overpriced food sold or rely solely on pot noodles! We recommend planning carefully which foods you bring to ensure your meals are not too difficult, as you want the majority of your time to be spent enjoying the festival and not slaving over a stove!

Great festival camping meals include:

  • Burgers (vegetarian or meat)
  • One pot pasta
  • Egg sandwich - possibly with some bacon!
  • Baked beans
  • One pot curry

Finally, as anyone who has carried a crate or two of beers into a festival on foot, the ability to put these in your vehicle will be much appreciated. Avoid those insanely high prices for one foamy cup, and make plenty of friends with your fresh stock.

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Festival campervan hire for those home comforts

As mentioned, festivals don’t have to include warm cups of foamy beer, as the presence of a fridge can allow you to enjoy your brews the way it was intended!

Imagine the wonders of coming back in the early hours of the morning to a dry and comfortable bed, being able to actually sleep away from the hustle and bustle of the campsite. Rest well on a soft mattress, allowing you all the energy you need to enjoy the festival.

Some motorhomes even come equipped with their own toilet, which would allow you to avoid the long cues and terrible conditions of the public toilet - saving both your thighs from that constant squat and your mind from contemplating what events occurred there. It is all you need to turn a camping festival into a glamping festival!

Better Security in a motorhome

On to a slightly more serious note, festivals are becoming known for their instances of sexual or physical harassment, and numerous cases of stolen property. By sleeping in your motorhome, which has the advantage of being locked, you avoid any risk of unwanted individuals entering and bothering you or stealing from you.

Furthermore, throughout the day you can enjoy the events and shows without fearing the safety of your items back in the campervan! Motorhomes always have the possibility to be locked, unlike a tent. So you don't have to worry about money or other personal belongings. It's also easier to insure a motorhome.

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Just park up your motorhome and enjoy 

The arrival at festivals is always a chaotic event, with individuals everywhere fighting to get the spots closest to the stages, toilets or alcohol stands. Through purchasing a ticket for festival motorhome camping, you are assured your spot and can simply roll up to it and park!

Furthermore, given the smaller number of motorhomes present compared to tents, finding your home will not be as difficult. So when you are wandering back from a performance, slightly intoxicated perhaps, you can stumble straight to the correct one and not spend your time lost. This also allows you to avoid any awkward misunderstandings when you crawl into the wrong tent.

You'll spend less time wandering or in queues, and more time enjoying the various acts.

Enjoy the extra privacy when you take a motorhome to a festival

Being surrounded by people for the duration of a festival can be very exhausting, both physically and mentally. Even when you are alone in your tent, you’re confronted by noise from all around you. Going to a festival in a motorhome can give you a bit of alone time, or rest time, to recover and continue to enjoy the celebrations to the full degree. If you have gone to the festival with that special someone, you will both appreciate the extra peace and quiet afforded by metal over canvas.

Goboony Campervan Volkswagen VW H2 EventSo when planning for Glastonbury, Latitude, the Isle of Wight Festival or any other festival this summer, consider a motorhome or campervan in your festival camping checklist! If you are interested in driving into your next party in a field be sure to check out our available motorhomes for hire and find for your group before they all get snapped up!