Glastonbury Campervan Camping Options

October 11, 2018 in Tips for Travellers and Events and Festivals

On the 26th of June, over one hundred thousand individuals will be sliding on their wellies and heading to Glastonbury. This annual festival attracts music lovers from around the globe, for four days of the best entertainment the industry has to offer. At the last Glastonbury Festival in 2017, the line up included big names such as Radiohead, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and the Pretenders. Glastonbury has become more than a music festival, it is a cultural icon. The first round of tickets sold out within hours, leaving thousands of fans desperate. If you’re one of the lucky few who scored a ticket, you’ll be turning to the question of accommodation. Cramped and smelly tent surrounded by noise and crowds? Or a clean campervan with a lovely bed to rest your weary head? Read on to find out…

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Perks of a Campervan at Festivals

Renting a campervan for a festival will cost more than grabbing that dusty tent from the attic, that is true. But when you look at costs over the extended weekend, taking a campervan may actually help you to save money! If you look to get a motorhome with kitchen facilities, you’ll be able to do your own cooking and save money on overpriced, and not very tasty, fast food. You’ll be able to nourish yourself properly, insteading of surviving on pot noodles and chips. Also the fridge is the perfect way to cool your beers, so you can enjoy a nice cold one instead of an extortionately priced cup of foam. Even if you go for a less decked out and cheaper campervan, you’ll have more space to store and prepare food, and can easily bring a camping stove along.

The main advantage of motorhome lodging at a festival is the increased comfort. Instead of a mat and sleeping bag on the floor, you can sleep in an actual bed. With pillows and blankets. I can’t speak for you, but when my feet are tired and I’ve had a few too many drinks, I want to curl up in a comfortable bed and sleep it all off. But tents will not provide you with this luxury. Furthermore tent areas are a source of constant noise and crowds, with strangers mistaking your tent for theirs or engaging in rowdy behaviour around. In comparison, the campervan section is often far quieter, ensuring you can get a good sleep to party even harder tomorrow! Also some motorhomes have their own toilet facilities, ensuring you can avoid the thigh pain from squatting above the disgusting portaloos or bushes. Motorhomes allow you to turn a camping festival into a glamping festival!

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Speaking of the rowdy atmosphere surrounding tents, there has been an increase in incidents at festivals. These range from petty theft to sexual or physical harassment, and everything in between. Motorhomes and campervans provide the opportunity to be locked, either when you’re sleeping in them to ensure you sleep without fear, or when you’re out, to avoid your stuff being nicked. You should not have to feel unsafe and have your experience ruined by fear of these individuals. Be able to watch the gigs and enjoy your days, knowing that your belongings are safely tucked away - including your cold beer!

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Finding a Campervan with Goboony

Okay, we’ve won you over - I hope! - so now to find the campervan or motorhome for you to bring to Glastonbury or another festival. Through Goboony, you’ll be able to search for motorhomes either near you, to drive up with, or near the festival to pick up before. Be sure to filter out the motorhomes that are not available for festival hire by ticking the “Festivals: Allowed” box under House Rules! The type of motorhome depends on what you’re looking for. You can filter your options by clicking the number of individuals, or certain amenities you wish to have. If you’re looking for something low budget and easy, you can go for a nice campervan, perhaps even the classic VW. If you’re ready for some Glastonbury luxury camping, then start ticking those amenities boxes. Toilet? Yes. Kitchen equipment? Yes. Fridge? Yes. Doing this will make it easy to find options suiting your tastes and needs, and then you can message a few of the different owners to see which one is available for you! Once an owner has accepted your request, you can pay the first installment and your booking is confirmed. Glastonbury, here we come! Start your search now with these motorhomes available for festival hire.

Goboony Glastonbury Festival Campervan Somerset H2 Motorhome

To Glastonbury with a Campervan

Glastonbury, like many other camping festivals, has a section dedicated to campervans and caravans. To stay here, you’ll need to book a campervan/caravan ticket, and present this with your Festival ticket upon arrival. This ensures a spot for you, unlike regular camping where you’re struggling to find a decent spot for yourself and your friends through the crowds. Be sure to check the size of the campervan prior, as if it exceeds 8m it requires a large campervan pitch. There are many Glastonbury camping options for campervans, as they have numerous sections dedicated solely to them. There are also options for a Family section, for those with access issues or looking for quiet camping. Tickets go fast for campervan sections, so be sure to hurry and get yours before they’re gone. On the official Glastonbury site, you’ll find more information about Campervan tickets as well as the opportunity to get them!

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Glastonbury Luxury Camping

Looking for the ideal glamping trip whilst at Glastonbury? You deserve it! Hiring a motorhome is the first step, particularly one with cooking and washing facilities. Just because you’re at a festival, it doesn’t mean you can’t look your finest! If you select a campervan with an awning, you can sit under it in the evenings to enjoy your meal and drinks. Bring some fairy lights to decorate it with, and you’ll be the talk of the site! Glamping also doesn’t have to be expensive, it just requires planning ahead. Bring some pillows and blankets from home, and your bed will be the glampest across the campsite. Candles are cheap at any supermarket or store, yet will light up your evenings and set the mood spectacularly - but be safe and ensure they are all extinguished before you leave the motorhome! Looking for more glamping tips? Check out the list of easy glamping tips we compiled.

Campsites Near Glastonbury

Perhaps the Glastonbury camping options aren’t for you, perhaps you’d prefer staying away from the festival for sleeping, and that is fine too! There are numerous campsites near Glastonbury for you to pitch at. At Wookey Farm, you’ll be a mere six miles from Glastonbury. As a working farm, you’ll be able to meet the menagerie with the resident sheep, pigs, hens and donkey. You can take a dip in the River Axe to wash off the festival sweat and dirt. Wookey Farm is an eco-friendly site, and is walking distance to Wookey village which has a cafe, shop and three pubs. At the Cross Keys Inn, you’ll be as close as possible to a good pub lunch. It is a mere 10 miles from Glastonbury, has two bars, an open fire and wifi, and serves meals throughout the day. Approximately 7 miles from Glastonbury, you’ll find Bucklegrove Caravan and Camping Park, the oldest family-run park in the Cheddar Valley. It features a licensed shop and launderette - so you’ll never run out of drinks or clean clothes! There is an indoor pool in case you fancy a dip, or a games room with a pool table to settle any disputes.

Goboony Glastonbury Festival Campervan Somerset H2 Motorhome

Whether you choose to stay at one of the campsites near Glastonbury or on their campervan sites, your Glastonbury campervan camping options are plentiful! With a campervan, you’re getting the opportunity to enjoy the best of Glastonbury and avoid the disadvantages that usually come with this fun packed weekend. Enjoy camping in comfort, sleeping in safety and more with the help of a motorhome. So don’t wait any longer! Start searching for your motorhome now with Goboony!