Hire an Easy-to-Drive Campervan

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Driving a campervan can seem like a daunting task. A lot of us haven’t driven a vehicle so large before, and so all we can think of are blind spots and potential damages. But driving a campervan really isn’t as difficult as you’d think and just takes a bit of getting used to. There’s a reason that B licenses can hire and drive a campervan, and it’s because they require the same skills as driving a regular car - so there’s no reason why you can’t manage!

But in case you’re feeling nervous about your first time driving a campervan, here is a selection of easy to drive campervans. These motorhomes are ideal for beginners or anyone looking to play it safe. They’re either small enough to make parking simple, the right shape to avoid major blind spots or feature useful tools, like a reversing camera or motorhome-specific GPS! You can also see more tips about preventing and solving damage to a motorhome.

Hire one of these easy to drive campervans for your first trip, and you’ll be gliding down the road in no time!

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