Glamping in the UK - Keeping it Classy in a Motorhome

19 April, 2018 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

Glamping - Keeping it Classy in your Motorhome

With temperatures rising, a long weekend away sounds delightful, exactly what is in order to welcome us into the summer months. Staying in hotels is a possibility, but are you really ready to give up all sense of adventure and spontaneity? A trip away is an opportunity to engage in nature and have the freedom to choose your own direction. Camping would be the other option, but it does not exactly conjure up images of relaxing in style as you could in a more substantial form of accommodation. Fear not, it does not have to be this way! As the somewhat recent phenomenon that is glamping solves this quandary! Read further to learn how you can go glamping almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, you can even go glamping near London!

Goboony Motorhome Campervan H2 Glamping VanChoosing the Right Motorhome

What a time to be alive!, With such a large array of campervans for hire and to choose from,it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one to suit even the most luxurious of needs. Naturally, almost all motorhomes come with plumbing, electrical appliances and cooking facilities! However many even come with a fully kitted out satellite television, en suite bathrooms and even a garage space for bikes or moped. The important thing is to find a luxury motorhome to hire that suits your desires, whether it be the ability to shower inside your vehicle, an oven or just the biggest and comfiest bed you can find. If you want adventure but with the trimmings of civilisation, then you are ready to go glamping!

Here are things to consider when renting a motorhome for glamping:

  1. How many sleeping places with you need?
  2. What is your destination? You could book locally and drive over or book there.
  3. Will you be primarily cooking or eating out?
  4. Will you be spending your entire days outside of their van or also taking time to relax in it?
  5. Will you be staying at campsites or wild camping?
  6. Do you need a toilet in your motorhome?
  7. Do you have the correct drivers license for the vehicle? Do you have the qualifications for their insurance policy?
  8. Will you be bringing a pet

Goboony Glamping in a motorhome campervan interior

Become the Next Nigella Lawson in a motorhome

One key ingredient to successful glamping, or posh camping is to compromise nothing when it comes to mealtime . People often equate camping or motorhomes to roadside meals, pot noodles and dry bread. But let’s face it, we can do better than this this!

Here are the things to keep in mind for cooking in your motorhome:

  1. When selecting your motorhome, investigate the extent of the cuisine facilities and think about your options. Do you need an oven? A freezer? These may be possible, but consider how often you'll use them.
  2. Preparation is key here, so we recommend planning your meals so that you have all the necessary ingredients. Then you'll reduce your food waste and always have what you need.
  3. A useful tip is to pick 2-3 spices that would go well with the majority of your meals, as well as ingredients that can be in numerous of the meals. Never forget your salt and pepper shakers!
  4. For breakfast, why not treat yourself to some lovely overnight oats, keeping you healthy while requiring minimum preparation and no cooking! Or if you prefer a warmer breakfast, go for a traditional english breakfast! You can even make it slightly healthier by minimizing the portion of sausages, increasing your tomatoes and mushrooms, and choosing some nice whole grain bread.
  5. For lunch, either go for traditional sandwiches, simple and easy, or make a nice soup to last you the trip! You could also go for a delicious grazing board, with a few contrasting cheeses, some grapes and some nuts.
  6. Then for dinners, the sky's the limit! Get researching and you’ll find numerous delicious recipes. To save money, try utilizing local foods wherever you’re travelling and keeping an eye out for good deals on fruits and vegetables! Posh camping is but a forkful away.

Goboony Campervan kitchen glamping h2 spices food

Setting the Scene

If you’re planning to go glamping, then come prepared! Preparation is key to having a classy and glamorous trip. The great thing about a motorhome is that you're not restricted with packing, unlike a flight or train. You also don't have to constantly repack like when you're staying in a hotel. These are but a few of the reasons to travel in a campervan.

Here's how to set the scene for a glamping vacation:

  1. Make your evenings magical by hanging up some fairy lights, you can even purchase a battery operated set to reduce your need for power. If the weather allows, set up your awning and drape the lights across it. If the weather is feeling rather Biritsh, set the lights up within your van to bring the starry night inside.
  2. On beautiful evenings, enjoy the lovely outdoor sky while curled up in a warm blanket and surrounded by candles, posh camping indeed! If you’re glamping near London, this starry night sky may have been missing for quite a while! But be careful with candles to reduce your fire risk.
  3. Bring an array of cushions and blankets so that you can curl up in bed with your loved one. Comfort is key when glamping in a campervan.
  4. To make showers far more enjoyable, whether they're in your motorhome or at the campsite, bring your best products so you can feel and smell great! You can either buy travel sized products to save space, or get renewable bottles to fill up every trip.
  5. Having a lovely indoor area, complete with tables, allows you to enjoy numerous more activities than from a tent. You can bring cards or board games, or just your laptop to enjoy some great films that you have not had the time to see recently. You can also try If you go glamping you don’t have to worry about that pesky weather getting into your home, as your safe in your little home away from home.

Goboony wine cheese plank H2 Glamping motorhome glamper

So what are you waiting for? Get searching for your trusty glamping motorhome. From all the vehicles available, we’re sure you will find your perfect match for your weekend motorhome holiday. You’ll find that glamping near London, or anywhere else in the UK, is but just a few clicks away! Go on a motorhome holiday to enjoy the freedom to explore, and the comfort to enjoy.