Staycation in the UK with a Campervan

11 May, 2018 in Destinations and United Kingdom

Whoever said a holiday needs to be abroad? These days, we are so quick to assume that a holiday requires us to leave our wonderful land and head to another. In Our youth many have seen more of France or Spain than they have of their own great country! But this summer, I recommend you stop before looking up flights, and consider perhaps trying something both new and familiar. Why not take this time to explore your own wonderful country, or somewhere else in the UK, and allow yourself to fall back in love with it. We promise, there's more to the UK than we give it credit for!

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What is a staycation?

A staycation is exactly as the name implies, a staying vacation. Instead of travelling to another country, you stay in the one you live in, and explore an area of it instead. Why should you go for a staycation? Well, firstly the money that would’ve been spent of flights can go towards something else for you to enjoy this holiday. Such as a campervan! Secondly, you get to take it back to your roots and relish in your patriotism. Thirdly, no hassle with visas or passports, airport queues or the painful cost of the bureau de change! No fuss with other languages (even when you are somewhere where Welsh or Gaelic is the most spoken language). And thank goodness no panic attack when you realise you’re driving on the wrong side of the road, again!

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Why take a campervan?

Consider a campervan to be an upgrade from your ordinary road trip. Campervans give you the freedom to follow any paths, and not need to plan every step of your trip. It will allow you to see as much of the UK as you desire - and have time for! Instead of choosing one of the wonderful places we suggest in this blog to visit, choose a bunch of them. And then relieve yourself of the hassle of searching for accomodation, paying ridiculous prices for hotels or hostels, and take your accommodation with you! Permit yourself to properly unpack and bring with you your favourite comforts from home. Sleeping with your own pillow and blanket is always a bonus on holidays, almost as great as it would be to bring your own bed! Furthermore, you don’t have to grow tired of either overspending on food or having unfilling meals. Simply cook your own, and let your meals out be a treat and not a necessity. 

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Staycation Ideas

Now that we’ve decided on your staycation with a campervan in the UK, it is time to look at where you’ll be going. There were so many incredible options to choose from, but we’ve tried to narrow it down to our top picks! Firstly, anyone who lives in the UK but has not witnessed the immense beauty of Wales is unacceptable! Use this opportunity to explore this historically rich area. A Goboony favourite is the Abergwesyn Pass in Powys. It takes approximately 40 minutes to drive around these 11 miles of sharp turns, steep ascents, bridges and exhilarating descents. It is surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains and sweet villages, ensuring an entertaining view throughout! While in Wales, also consider Black Mountain Pass, a 22 mile challenging route that reaches 495 metres at its highest point. This 45 minute drive will provide you with stunning views across the mountains. Back in our fair England, there are numerous sites to be seen. Lake district? Quite a drive up north but worth it for the beautiful scenery at England’s largest National Park. Or engage in some history by visiting Stonehenge in Wiltshire, our very own UNESCO World Heritage Site. Drive through Cheddar Gorge, in Somerset, and be in awe of Britain’s biggest gorge and some breathtaking natural beauty. You’ll be on the edge of your seat negotiating the twists and turns through these spectacular 450 foot high limestone cliffs. Take this opportunity for some adventure through exploring the stalactite caverns - full of prehistoric markings - or go for some rock climbing!

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The options are endless, your staycation in the UK with a campervan will not fail to keep you entertained and falling more in love with your own country! We hope our staycation ideas have been helpful, and if not, a simple search online or in a guidebook will provide you with dozens more. Enjoy your travels and enjoy the freedom of your campervan!