The 5 Best Road Trips in England

June 20, 2019 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, England & Routes

For some reason road trips are usually associated with the USA, probably due to films like Thelma and Louise - but let's hope your road trip ends slightly differently! We imagine driving down dusty roads, pulling over at gas stations to wrestle out a few dollars. But that really does not have to be the case. What if I told you that you could have an amazing road trip right here in the UK? That you could opt for a full week, a weekend, or even an afternoon, and still get the fulfilling freedom and wind-filled hair of a glorious road trip? Hopefully, you’re surprised right now, but even if you’re not, read on for the 5 best road trips in England, ensuring your campervan holidays in the UK are anything but dull!

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#1 The Atlantic Highway

This road trip is also known more simply as the A39… but we’ll opt for the grandeur of the Atlantic Highway! This stunning stretch reaches from the Devon border into Cornwall’s northeastern corner, the most picturesque region in England. It also delves into a region of Cornwall that is less explored, often feeling a little cut off from the remaining county, but is actually home to some of the prettiest fishing villages and views. If you like your campervan holidays in the UK to be filled with beaches, fresh seafood, dramatic coastlines and more, then the Atlantic Highway should be fighting for a spot on your bucket list! 
Driving Time: 7 hours and 46 minutes 
Distance: 392km / 243miles
Start: Bridgwater
End: Land’s End
Recommended: Take at least 4 days for this trip, so that you can explore Exmoor National Park, the surf town of Newquay and maybe even a bike trip! Pack plenty of sunscreen, and a good paperback for the beach.

Goboony Route Atlantic Highway Cornwall Devon H2 Map
#2 Cheddar Gorge

A far shorter road trip, ideal for those looking for a day trip, or a single night away. The main attraction of this road trip is, as the name would suggest, the stunning Cheddar Gorge! A national heritage, something that everyone should see once in their life. Enjoy this easy drive through the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty, surrounded by green, green and more green! This is certainly the best road trip in England for those on a busy schedule, or travelling with young kids.
Driving Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 22,5 km / 14 miles
Start: Axbridge
End: Ashwick
Recommended: Keep it simple, drive through the Cheddar Gorge then rest at a nearby campsite for the night. You’ll wake up to the best views, and get to enjoy the nature for that little bit longer. On the way, be sure to explore the Cheddar Caves, and you could stop at the Museum of Prehistory or climb the 274 steps of the Lookout Tower.

Goboony Map Route Cheddar Gorge H2 Road Trip
#3 The Cotswolds

When picturing the Cotswolds, it is best to simply imagine a fairytale. Adorable cottages, with ivy creeping up the walls, lined perfectly on cobblestoned streets. Lush woods and babbling streams. The perfect escape. Our road trip in the Cotswolds differs to most, in that it is longer. Instead of driving through, we’ve planned a little circle, visiting the top locations in the Cotswolds: Burford, Bourton-on-the-Water, Stroud and Cirencester - as well as nipping out to Cheltenham for a city day! 
Driving Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Distance: 84km / 52.2 miles
Start: Burford
End: Cirencester
Recommended: If you’re tight for time, plan in a night around Cheltenham. But if you’ve got time, stay one night at each stop, and really enjoy your trip! Go hiking or biking, visit castles and churches, have picnics and afternoon tea.

Goboony Route Road Trip H2 Map Cotswolds
#4 Snake Pass

We’ve adapted one of the more traditional road trips in England to give you this city to city tour, along the famed Snake Pass. This trip fits those looking for short campervan holidays in the UK, but can’t decide between a city break or a rural escape. A road trip in northern England, this is the ideal weekend getaway for couples, families or lone travellers!
Driving Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Distance: 84km / 52.2 miles
Start: Manchester
End: Sheffield
Recommended: This road trip is definitely better suited to spring/summer, as the winding roads can get quite slippery and unsafe. This is a great drive to do over a day, a way to keep the kids appeased on a Saturday. I recommend grabbing an early lunch in Manchester prior, and then camping near Sheffield to make a fun experience of it all! While you’re at the Peak District National Park, why not explore it further?

Goboony Snake Pass Manchester H2 Map Route Road Trip
#5 The Norfolk Coast

Considered to be one of the most scenic coastal landscapes in the world, it is no surprise that the Norfolk Coast is one of our top campervan holiday destinations in the UK. It is clear why these 280 miles of coastline are a protected region, and now classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Roll down the window, blast some tunes and enjoy the ocean air as you cruise along these easy roads, a summer holiday filled with good times and relaxation! 
Driving Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Distance: 112km / 70 miles
Start: Kings Lynn
End: Norwich
Recommended: Take two nights to enjoy this coastal drive, so that you also get time to paddle and learn more about this historic area. Spend your final day in the gorgeous city of Norwich, visiting the famed Norwich Cathedral and the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. If you’re travelling with young ones, you simply must visit BeWILDerwood, an adventure park for the whole family!

Goboony Route Map Road Trip H2 Norfolk NorwichWith all of these great trips in England, you can make it as long, complex or fun as you like! Choose when you want to go, how much time you have, and let the adventure begin. If you still need a ride, you can check out available motorhomes on Goboony. So scroll through the selection, download a few road trip apps and head to the nearest supermarket for your snacks… it is time to hit the road!

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