Dog Friendly Accommodation with your Campervan

April 9, 2019 in Tips for Travellers

People often think camping trips, or holidays in general, can’t include their beloved pet. This is completely false! If you plan right, bringing your dog on holiday can ensure you have the best holiday yet. We’ll help you along the way, giving you places to visit, tips for at the campsite and the best dog friendly campsites in the UK. Let’s get started!

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Dog Friendly Weekend Getaways

Whilst there are many options for where to go for dog friendly weekend getaways, it doesn’t mean that you can simply go anywhere. Planning is required. For example, you may want to avoid city trips with your dog. City campsites are less likely to welcome pets and will be smaller in size, and taking your pet along busy streets and public transport could be difficult. You’re better off heading somewhere calm for a retreat into nature, and bringing your dog will keep you active and exploring the area. Here are some suggestions of places to visit with your dog:

  • Lake District (England)

  • Pembrokeshire (Wales)

  • Northumberland (England)

  • Snowdonia (Wales)

  • Glamorgan (Wales)

  • Oban (Scotland)

  • Fife (Scotland)

  • Argyll (Scotland)

  • Antrim (Northern Ireland)

  • Devon (England)

  • Dorset (England)

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Dog Friendly Etiquette at your Campsite

Even though you’re staying at dog friendly accommodation, doesn’t mean you can just let your dog run wild! You’ve got to remember how it feels to see people allow their kids to do that, and act accordingly. Here are our top tips:

  1. Keep your dog on a leash whenever it is outside of your vehicle. Even if your dog is super friendly and just wants to greet people, not everyone is a dog fan (shocking, I know!). So keep them close to ensure people don’t feel uncomfortable.

  2. That being said, it is important to use up your pets energy so they’re not cooped up. Consider it an opportunity to explore the area and get some great exercise, head out for long walks and keep them moving by throwing sticks or a ball. This ensures they sleep well back at the campsite and when travelling.

  3. Keep an eye on what they find, sadly a lot of campsites can have litter or nasties on the ground, so ensure your pup isn’t picking up anything they shouldn’t.

  4. Bring enough food to last your trip. It can help to already portion it in neat baggies, but use reusable bags to avoid waste. We recommend using, for food designed to suit your dogs needs and tastes. You can focus on whatever they need, from stronger bones to a glossier coat, and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep each month! It’s well priced and will give your pup the energy and strength to enjoy the trip as much as you do.

  5. Bring things they’re familiar with, whether it is their bed, food bowls or toys. The smell will comfort them, and give them something to track if they get lost!  

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Dog Friendly Campsites

It’s important to check whether your campsite allows dogs before departing, to ensure you and your furry friend aren’t left on the road! To help this, we’ve compiled our favourite pet-friendly accommodation options in the UK!

Noteworthy Farm (Devon, England) -  Explore the scenic Ruby Country with your best buddy at your side, and you’ll both adore the farm animals on site! Plus the opportunity to get your dog groomed, so they’ll look extra fresh for photos.

£12 per night

50.819360, -4.405635

Giants Head Caravan and Camping Park (Dorset, England) - Walk your pup to Cerne Abbas Village for afternoon tea at ‘Britain’s most desirable village’, and both you and your dog will enjoy the spacious grassy pitches.

£17 per night

50.824072, -2.462492

Auchenlarie Holiday Park (Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland) - If you and your pup love the beach, then you’ll certainly enjoy being only a mile away at this campsite. It is also a very child-friendly site with a heated pool, kids’ club, amusement arcade and more.

£22 per night

54.843685, -4.280270

Muasdale Holiday Park (Argyll, Scotland) - Enjoy walks along the ocean and the tranquility of this family run park. Enjoy not only birdwatching, but also spotting seals and otters on the beach!

£20 per night

55.597488, -5.685877

Penally Court Farm (Pembrokeshire, Wales) - A three minute walk to the pub and a five minute stroll to the beach, what could be better? We’re sure you’ll enjoy barbecues onsite, and your dog will surely enjoy the smells and leftovers!

£15 per night

51.657568, -4.725920

Llandow Touring Caravan Park (Glamorgan, Wales) - Surrounded by field and farm, this sheltered and secluded site is ideal for your family and pets. There is even a dog run area to ensure your pet can enjoy themselves and use up their energy.

£15 per night

51.431658, -3.503286

Glenmore Caravan and Camping Park (Antrim, Northern Ireland) - Experience these lands in their true glory, taking in the amazing views from this campsite. Nothing relaxes a pup like traditional live music and 95 acres to run about.

£18 per night

55.220251, -6.312842

Goboony Dog Friendly Accommodation H2 Mountain

Hopefully now you’ll see that dog friendly weekend getaways are not only possible, but the best way to travel! With the right food, knowledge of the best dog friendly places and a booking at one of these dog friendly accommodation options, your campervan trip will be a delight for the whole family - including Fluffy! Looking for more info on bringing a dog? Need a campervan to complete your trip? Goboony has plenty of dog friendly motorhomes waiting for you