7 Reasons to Stay in the UK for your Next Holiday

November 12, 2019 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers & United Kingdom

With the air of uncertainty hanging over us, planning your next holiday may be the last thing on your mind. It feels risky to start booking a trip abroad, and heading into Europe can feel either like your last chance or a risk by the time the boarding date rolls around. Well, holiday planning doesn’t have to be such a stress, all you need to consider is staying in the UK for your next holiday. The Brexit plans are out of our hands, but we shouldn’t let them dictate our getaways. So find out our top reasons to stay in the UK for your next holiday!

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1. Follow the Crowds

In the last month, have you ever found yourself complaining about the large number of tourists around? Well, there’s a reason for the hordes of tourists visiting our great land, and the sheer numbers are proof enough. The UK is the world’s 10th biggest tourist destination, with over 36 million people visiting in 2018. If others find our country so worth visiting that they’ll fly over from corners of the globe, why aren’t we making the effort to drive down and see all the patronage has to offer? 

2. Nature

The U.K. is actually one of the best places to visit in Europe for stunning nature and a relaxing getaway. Our minds may jump to places like the fjords of Norway or hilly terrain of southern France, but guide it back to the gorgeous British Isles. With 15 national parks brimming with breathtaking landscapes, an abundance of wildlife, soaring mountain ranges and dramatic coastlines, the U.K. is the competitor to beat. It features 28 items of the World Heritage list. There are multiple road trip possibilities to encompass as many of these as possible, and the options for hiking or bike trails are endless. You could challenge yourself to travel from London to Edinburgh, or head south from London to Cornwall.

3. Festivals

The UK is home to numerous world renowned festivals, which attracts visitors from across the globe. There are festivals covering all types of music, as well as food, art, drama and more! From Glastonbury to the Big Feastival, Edinburgh Fringe to Hay Festival, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Visiting a festival in a campervan is a must-do, as it affords all the fun and freedom of a festival with the comfort of a glamping experience. You get to enjoy the crowds and bustle of a festival, but also relish in a good nights sleep on an actual mattress - and a fridge! 

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4. Weather

The drizzling disappointment of British weather used to be a fear looming over us, and hastening us to book trips abroad, where we would be assured a week by the pool and a bronzing tan upon return. But that isn’t the case anymore, as we are now experiencing back to back warm summers. You can stay within the U.K. and still enjoy a summer, seaside experience.

5. Hassle-free Holiday

It feels like we can’t plan until the Brexit decisions are finalized and implemented, as we don’t know how this could disturb holiday bookings. But planning a holiday within the UK, is something you can do now, utilizing advance deals and enjoying the tranquility of knowing your holiday is planned. Your holiday will be further free of the hassle of exchange rates, especially with how the pound is situated right now. You can use your own currency, not mess around with luggage requirements or 100ml bottles, and let your holiday be relaxing as it should be! 

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6. Sustainable Travel

Flying can often be considered the superior mode of travel, as it is quick and easy. But the environmental repercussions are alarming, and making small steps to reduce your carbon footprint by electing for slow travel, makes a big difference. The extra time of driving or taking a train can be utilised and enjoyed, as part of the journey. It may seem a bit controversial, to recommend driving in a campervan as a sustainable form of travel. It isn’t perfect, but if you go for a non-diesel engine, utilise solar panels for energy and aim not to drive too much, it is certainly a better alternative to flying! It's even better when you rent a private motorhome, to contribute to the sharing economy and make use of existing resources.

7. Returning to Tradition

Local holidays were a cornerstone of British summers and travel. You’ve probably heard of Victorians being recommended a trip to the seaside for various ailments, perhaps the beginnings of our thriving seaside towns. We still have a dormant yet present seaside holiday industry, with delightful cities such as Brighton, Blackpool, as well as the Isle of Wight and various Cornish towns. Visit Britain's best seaside towns and realise that a post-Brexit holiday can still be sunny and satisfying!

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We hope to have planted the seed of a UK staycation in your mind, as with all these wondrous cities, towns and sights right here at our fingertips, why look any further? If you’re still unsure about campervan travel, find out if motorhome travel is for you. We can’t do much while we await further news, but that shouldn’t stop us enjoying our holidays and exploring our lovely country. Whether your trip is pre-Brexit or post-Brexit, take it as an opportunity to explore the UK and discover how it draws travellers from across the globe, willing to cross thousands of miles just to reach our waters.