What Are Reasons to Hire Out My Motorhome?

December 22, 2023 in About Hiring Out and How it works

You may have heard of people who hire out their motorhome to other travellers. At Goboony, thousands of motorhome owners are doing exactly that. Why? You may wonder. Well, there are countless reasons! Let's break it down for you. 

Why would I want to hire out my motorhome?

There is no point beating around the bush, the main benefit of hiring out your motorhome is the additional income. Your motorhome is highly likely parked on your driveway or in storage for numerous months of the year, costing you money and making you none.

You know that familiar feeling of guilt, that twang when you realise you haven’t taken her out in months, remembering the promise you made to use it every month. But life happens, jobs and events and responsibilities. And so motorhome holidays become rarer than you'd like. So what do you do? Sell your pride and joy? But what about the times you do get to take her out? That annual summer holiday to France, the weekend getaway, the ready-made festival accommodation. 

Rid yourself of that feeling of guilt, and replace it with joy at the new possibilities for your motorhome, because by hiring out, you will solve all your issues at once. Your motorhome is out where it's supposed to be, on the road, allowing other travellers to experience the freedom of a road trip, all the while earning you a tidy profit.

Why hire out on a sharing platform?

-It's free! No risks involved. You do not pay to make a listing, you do not even pay a service fee to Goboony. You choose your hire fee and our service fee is added on top as an additional cost for the traveller.

-Your advertising is done for you! No need to spend money or time on Google and Facebook advertising, SEO optimisation and all the other aspects of marketing. You get to focus on the important part of creating your listing!

-Your hirers are brought directly to you. You get to choose to who you hire out. Not keen on your motorhome going to a festival? Don’t like the idea of it crossing Europe and racking up the mileage? That is okay! You choose for what kind of trips you hire it out, it is your motorhome and we want you to always feel comfortable with where it is.

-In turn, hirers will feel more comfortable booking on an official platform which has a secure third-party payment provider. 

-Experienced advice! We can help you create the best listing, and give you advice regarding hire rates, photos and more.

-We have an extensive set of Terms and Conditions, and provide you with hire contracts and even offer insurance. 

Benefits of hiring out your motorhome on Goboony

-Hiring out on Goboony is free

-You decide how, to who and when you want to hire out 

-Hire out safely and with peace of mind by opting for our Goboony Day Insurance

-We provide support throughout the whole process

-We offer a secure third-party payment system

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Hire out your motorhome on Goboony
It's free! You decide to whom and when you hire out.