Reasons to Hire Out Your Motorhome

July 12, 2019 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

You’ve probably used, or at least heard of Airbnb. And if not Airbnb, one of the many other sharing platforms out there, you can rent anything you need from private owners nowadays. Well, now it is your turn! If you’ve been thinking “Why should I hire out my motorhome?”, you are about to have that very question answered. Find out everything about renting as a private owner here.

Goboony Motorhome Campervan H2 Lake Rent Out

Why rent out your motorhome?

No point beating around the bush, the main benefit of renting out your motorhome is the additional income. Your motorhome is sitting there for numerous months of the year, costing you money and making you none. You know that familiar feeling of guilt, that twang when you realise you haven’t taken her out in months, remembering the promise you made to use it every month. But life happens, jobs and events and responsibilities. And so motorhome holidays become rare. Do you sell your motorhome? But what about the times you do take her out? That annual summer holiday to France, the weekend getaway, the ready-made festival accommodation. 

Rid yourself of that feeling of guilt, and replace it with joy at the new possibilities for your motorhome! By renting out your motorhome, you are solving all your issues at once. Your motorhome is being used, reducing your guilt at it just sitting there as it is making others overjoyed! You are earning a tidy profit with this (check out our earnings calculator for a rough estimate!), which can go to two valuable causes. Firstly, cover your costs for your motorhome - including insurance! And the rest? As yes, there will be leftover after that! That can go into your own holidays! 

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Why use a sharing platform?

  • Your advertising is done for you! No need to spend money or time on Google and Facebook advertising, SEO optimisation and all the other aspects of marketing. You get to focus on the important part... your beautiful van!

  • Your customers are brought directly to you. You just make a listing and keep it up, and they will approach you for requests… and many of them!

  • You get to choose who you rent out to. Not keen on your motorhome going to a festival? Don’t like the idea of it travelling with a bachelor party or crossing Europe and racking up the mileage? That is okay! You choose who you rent out to, it is your motorhome and we want you to always feel comfortable with where it is.

  • Customers will feel more comfortable operating through a sharing platform and having secure payment providers, meaning more customers and another thing you do not have to deal with.

  • Experienced advice! We can help you create the best listing, give you advice regarding prices, photos and more.

  • Well if you’re using a platform like Goboony… it is free for Owners! No risks involved. You do not pay to make a listing, you do not even pay a service fee to Goboony. You choose your rental fee and our service fee is added on top as an additional cost for the Traveller.

  • We can act as a mediator is any disputes or issues regarding additional costs, the deposit and more!

  • We have an extensive set of Terms and Conditions, and provide you with rental contracts and more. We ensure that if the Traveller cancels, you get the appropriate amount given how close the booking is, and help with other possible situations.

How to successfully rent out your motorhome

Renting out your motorhome can be as big or small of a task as you make it. You choose your motorhomes availability, and can limit it to a few weeks of the year or do it whenever you’re not using it! The formula for successfully renting out your campervan or motorhome is:

  1. Create a listing. Have several clear photos of the inside and outside of your motorhome. Have a description of the van, amenities and more. Choose a suitable price, which you could always raise once you have more reviews on your listing.

  2. Maintain your listing, update your availability and reply to messages within 24 hours. This ensures a good advertiser score so your listing is noticed more. It also ensures requests will turn into bookings.

  3. Enjoy the bookings that come through! Have your motorhome ready for them, and help them to have a great holiday.

More information on how to successfully rent out your motorhome.

Goboony Motorhome H2 Renting Out Private Owner

Still interested? You can find out more on why you should rent out with Goboony. If in doubt, simply give it a go! You can stop at anytime, and it could be something that works well for you and your van. Help others to experience the freedom of motorhome travel.