What Happens in Case of Total Loss Damage or Theft of My Motorhome?

January 27, 2024 in About Hiring Out and Insurance & damage

You might be worried about your motorhome getting damaged, or even stolen, while you’ve hired it out. We completely understand and accidents can happen, Let’s break down what happens in the unfortunate event of total loss or theft. 

What happens in case of total loss, damage or theft? 

If you have insured your motorhome for hire via Goboony Day Insurance, your vehicle is insured at its current market value, minus the salvage value of the vehicle. 

A certified damage expert will assess and determine the market value. Obtaining an appraisal report is highly recommended, as it can aid in accurately determining the market value in these unfortunate circumstances. 

If your motorhome is self-converted or has been modified, the market value is often assessed based on receipts for materials and other investments carried out to prove the increase in the value of the vehicle. 

If you have opted for alternative insurance for hire in the form of an annual self-drive hire policy with an external provider, please refer to the policy cover of this provider. 

Learn more about what happens in case your motorhome is damaged, but can be repaired.

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