Goboony Motorhome Day Insurance

When you hire out your motorhome on Goboony you are able to use our insurance that covers peer-to-peer hire. This is our Goboony Day Insurance powered by Riverside Underwriting.

Summary of the insurance

Cover across the UK, EU, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands as standard

EU cover available for bookings leaving the UK

Breakdown and theft

The policy is taken out by the person hiring your motorhome

Competitive daily rates

Does not affect the owner of the vehicle’s no-claims bonus

Covers additional named drivers

Trips up to 28 days in Length

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Is my motorhome eligible for this insurance?

Your motorhome is eligible for Goboony Riverside Day Insurance if: 

Your motorhome is valued at no more than £65,000

Your motorhome is privately owned as opposed to being registered to a business (businesses can hire out on Goboony using other insurance options).

Your motorhome is registered in the UK and has a valid UK licence plate

Your motorhome is up to 20 years old from the date of first registration

Your motorhome has a max weight of 3500 kg

Your motorhome is a right-hand drive 

Please note that all vehicles can only be covered in the UK. 

What will it cost?

The day insurance is priced depending on the value of your vehicle and the driving record of the person hiring your vehicle. This way the insurance is only paid for when your vehicle is actually being hired out, so you won't have to take out an annual self-drive hire policy and can keep your existing one for personal use. For the use of this insurance, a fixed rate of £13 to £20 will be deducted from your earnings as an advertiser, the exact amount depending on the value of your vehicle. 

How does it work?

The Goboony-Riverside Day Insurance is automatically activated when your motorhome is hired out on our platform. You do not need to take any additional steps once you have opted into the insurance and accepted the terms of use. The policy is active from the day of the start of the booking until the end of the day of the vehicle’s return.

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No rights can be derived from this document. Please read the full policy wording here. You can also call the Riverside team regarding queries by calling 0333 323 0097.

What does this policy cover?

Damage to your motorhome

Financial loss for events that would be included in your primary policy but are not covered when hiring out your motorhome, such as:

Claims that are only partially, or not at all, covered by your direct insurer

Payments that your own personal insurance policy takes

24/7 breakdown assistance

Damages to the motorhome


Claims that are only partially, or not at all, covered by your direct insurer

Payments that your own personal insurance policy takes

Any adverse contractual effects are covered. This ensures that eventual damages don’t have consequences for your personal policy. 

Claims on this insurance can be made by the owner of the vehicle, despite the policy being in the name of the person(s) hiring the vehicle. Making a claim does not affect the owner of the vehicle's no-claims bonus or premium on their personal policy. Claims that are only partially, or not at all, covered by your direct insurer.

Help with breakdown

The following breakdown incidents are covered: 

In the UK:

Unlimited callouts

Help at the roadside or home address

Finding and diagnosing the fault

If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, then recovery to a local repairer or return to the motorhome owner’s address

In Europe: 

Locating and dispatching spare parts within Europe

Costs towards emergency repairs to locks and windows after attempted theft, up to the value of £200

Alternative travel arrangements up to the value of £1,500, with a limit of £120 per day

Emergency accommodation up to £500 per party, with a limit of £60 per person, per night

Legal costs up to the value of £50,000

Recovery to the UK if the vehicle can’t be repaired before the scheduled return

Pre-agreed travel & accommodation costs to collect the vehicle, if you return home and repairs are completed in Europe

Overall claim limit of £1500 per party per trip (excluding unaccompanied vehicle recovery, and legal benefit).

Does the policy cover trips abroad?

Our insurance will cover hire throughout the UK as a standard. EU coverage and breakdown cover are also possible for vehicles leaving the UK. As with any other booking, the person hiring your vehicle will have to specify whether they wish to take the motorhome abroad when requesting to hire your motorhome. Doing so will generate an insurance policy which will cover travel to the EU. Allowing your motorhome to go abroad is something you as the owner decide and set in your house rules. If you take a booking request where someone changes their mind from not going abroad to going abroad, please contact our support team.

How is the policy paid for?

The cost of insurance is charged to the traveller before the departure date, along with the rental fee. Your contribution as the motorhome owner is automatically deducted from your rental earnings. This ensures the policy is fully paid for in advance of the booking start date.

When is this policy active?

From before you hand over the vehicle to when it is returned to you. Your vehicle is covered for the duration of the booking.

What is covered?

You can read what the policy covers in the product sheet for a simple breakdown of what is and isn’t covered by this policy.

What will the insurance excess be on my vehicle?

The excess for this policy will depend on the value of your vehicle. Please view the table below for full details. Please note: in the event of a claim this excess would be paid for by the person hiring your vehicle or an excess policy and not by the vehicle owner. Please note, that we charge a £1500 deposit on all bookings using the Goboony Day Insurance. Goboony guarantees that vehicles requiring an excess of £2000 are covered for this full amount despite having a deposit of £1500.

Vehicle Value


≤ £30,000


£30,000 - 65,000


How does the Claims process work?

The person hiring your motorhome (the policyholder) is able to obtain immediate assistance at the roadside by calling the Roadside Priority Claims Helpline on (03333 058120). Riverside’s UK-based, experienced advisors will take the initial claim details and discuss recovery of the vehicle. Please aim to call within 1 hour of the accident, but no longer than 24 hours. This is regardless of whether You wish to make a claim under the policy or not. A delay in notifying an incident may invalidate your right to claim. Please quote your policy number and provide as much information as You can. Calling ASAP in the event of any damage is always the best option. With enough notice, the following options are available depending on the situation: FREE collection and re-delivery; FREE vehicle wash and clean; All approved repairer work is guaranteed for three years  Windscreen repair/replacement It should be noted that due to the short-term nature of this policy greater, more rigorous validation is required in respect of newly submitted claims. Upon completion of such checks, We will deal with Your claim and claims made against You, as quickly and fairly as possible. Please read the Accident and claims procedure in the General Conditions of this policy. For the protection of You and Us, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored.