What Does Goboony Earn and How Much Does It Cost to Join?

January 30, 2024 in About Hiring Out and Earnings & costs

You may be wondering how much it costs to hire out your motorhome on our platform, and how Goboony makes an income. Let’s break it down for you.

What does it cost to join Goboony? 

Creating an account, listing and hiring out on Goboony is free. There are no costs. Furthermore, whatever you set as your hire rate, is what you’ll earn. The average earnings from hiring out your motorhome on Goboony vary from around £5000 to £10000 per year, and £800 per week in the peak hire season.

Learn more about how much you can earn.

Is it free to try out?

Yes, hiring out your motorhome is free. You can list your motorhome on our platform and try out how hiring out works for yourself without charge. If you wish to continue hiring out, it will remain free to do so. 

How does Goboony earn an income? 

Listing and hiring out your motorhome on our platform is free, so how does Goboony earn an income? On top of your hire price, we charge the traveller, or hiring party, a service fee of up to 19.5% on top of your hire fee, depending on the time of the year. This is how we earn our income as a business.

What’s the difference between the service and the booking fee? 

When a booking is made on our platform, the traveller is charged a service fee of up to 19.5% of the cost of the hire. This amount is charged on top of your hire rates, and is therefore not taken out of your earnings. When a traveller sends a booking request on our platform, the service fee is already added to the hire price, which is why the total hire price the traveller sees is slightly higher than your earnings for the booking.

On top of the total hire price, the traveller is charged a fixed booking fee of £35 for bookings up to 5 days in length, and £50 for bookings of more than 5 days. 

Benefits of hiring out your motorhome on Goboony

-Hiring out on Goboony is free

-You decide how, to who and when you want to hire out 

-Hire out safely and with peace of mind by opting for our Goboony Day Insurance

-We provide support throughout the whole process

-We offer a secure third-party payment system

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Hire out your motorhome on Goboony
It's free! You decide to whom and when you hire out.