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DIY Camper Upgrades

16 March, 2018 in Tips for Owners and Tips for your Motorhome

Is your camper due a makeover? Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, it is the ideal time to do some work on it before high season gets into full swing. Give the interior a new lease of life by reupholstering the cushions. What sounds like a lot of work and an expensive job doesn’t necessarily need to be, this blog will get you started...


Tips and Tricks for for DIY camper improvements

Before you start pimping your camper, it is useful to create an idea board. You can of course do this on Pinterest, but you can also create a physical board so you can also add inspiration from magazines (sometimes the old ways are the best). With the help of an idea board you can get a more exact idea in mind of how you want your camper to look making it the necessary first step!


You can give your camper a whole makeover with new vinyl or a nice paint. When you hang your camper, it is good to keep in mind that there are different types of material for resurfacing. For the pimping up of your camper there are three important things to consider, quality, aestetic and cost. Vinyl or non-woven wallpaper is firmer and processed from materials that can withstand moisture better than most others. This will make it an ideal surface for you if you are based in the UK  where let's face it, things can be a bit damp in the winter months. If you want to paint your camper, it's best not to cheap out on the paint. It is always better to buy high quality paint because of its durability. It simply works better and gives the desired result with less work and because it lasts longer you won't have to touch it up for longer. Ask at a paint store for the best multiprimer, which attaches to almost everything, and is therefore perfect for the typical smooth materials of a campervan.


It is also possible to do some DIY on your camper by re-upholstering the interior. Make a mix and match of all kinds of fabrics that you can get from anywhere. If you have a fabric shop you know nearby or a marketplace (you could even go to ikea)! There are a surprising amount of fabric markets around the country you may not have realised often selling unique and beautiful materials for very reasonable prices. Sourcing your fabrics from here is our top suggestion as it will likely make your camper truly unique!

To top it off, you can fill your camper with accessories or curios that you like or that you obtained on previous adventures. This can give your camper a more lived in and homely feel whilst also wearing memories from it’s adventures like badges!


DIY van inspirational ideas

If you want to know more about refurbishing your motorhome, take a look at Campervanlife. This site is full of tips, inspiration, examples of nice refurbishments, Do It Yourselfs and more. Another place to get help and ideas are facebook forums to do with van refurbishment or conversions. In these groups, motorhome and camper owners share tips, tricks, questions and inspiration pictures for pimping, motorhomes, tents and folding trailers! Some people have even turned rather tame looking campervans into some almost menacing offroad beasts!



There are also people who pick up a cheap camper and adapt it completely to their wishes. Like nearly all build projects, this often takes a little more time than they initially estimated, and you are sacrificing time to save a great deal of money. If you do it well however, you end up with your very own completely unique van a paradise on wheels ready for adventure. Read more about this, simply search for #Vanlife and you will find a variety people who have pulled this off and have absolutely gorgeous custom vehicles. Many of these vehicle owners have made videos or blogs on their process making them both a great source of evidence that it can be done and a source of inspiration to help get your dream van started.




Remember, Do not forget to thoroughly clean your camper van before pimping and to allow enough time between any scheduled rentals! Have you already done a  refurbishment or conversion on your camper yourself? We’d love for you to send us photos and could even publish a blog about it if you get in touch!