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Holiday emission rates: from the road to your abode

A flight to a hotel in Turkey or an Airbnb in Ibiza? A train journey to southwest Cornwall or the Scottish Highlands? A campervan road trip through Europe or a motorhome staycation in the UK? Your choice of holiday is intrinsically linked to the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. 

The fact that there’s a huge difference in emissions between going on a road trip in the UK or flying to an all-inclusive resort probably doesn’t come as a surprise. But exactly how much are we talking? You’ll be happy to know that we’ve done some digging. 

From the road to your abode, you can now work out the CO2 emission rate of your road trip with the Goboony trip footprint calculator. Down to details like whether you plan to hop on a ferry or dart through the channel tunnel, this nifty tool tells you exactly how much your road trip is impacting the planet. 

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Let's talk numbers! 

Curious as to how we came up with the numbers? We’ll give you the full scientific scoop on the calculator, and a bunch of other fascinating facts in our blog: 

How the CO2 Footprint of Your Campervan Trip Compares to Other Travel Options

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Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Ditch the planes and go on a road trip! Ready to go green with Goboony? Check out our additional tips on sustainable travel, or take one of our electric campervans available for hire in the UK for a spin. 

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