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Are you looking to hire an electric motorhome for your next holiday, or do you have an electric campervan to share with other eco-friendly travellers? You’ve come to the right place. Goboony is committed to building our fleet of available electric motorhomes, and the lights are now green for hiring an electric campervan. Take a turn for the better, decrease your carbon footprint and last but not least: enjoy the benefits of embarking on a slow travel adventure.

Advantages of hiring an electric motorhome

There are many benefits to hiring an electric campervan, which is why they are becoming more popular by the minute. Some of the main advantages of travelling in an electric motorhome are: 

1. It’s budget-friendly: save money as electricity is cheaper than fuel 

2. It’s eco-friendly: unlimited travel without increasing your carbon footprint

3. It’s city-friendly: enter any Environmental Zone without worry 

4. It’s comfortable: less engine noise equals a more relaxed trip 

5. It encourages slow travel: take your time and enjoy more stops along the way

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Are you ready for your first electric adventure on wheels? Take your pick from our exclusive range of electric campervans available for hire

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Why hire a motorhome through Goboony?

Choose from the largest fleet in the UK
A motorhome for everyone
Dedicated customer support
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Affordable £150 deposit with our Excess Insurance
Slow and sustainable travel

Goboony is available in English as well.

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