Toll Roads in Austria

12 October, 2018 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, Austria & Toll Roads and Vignettes

Are you planning a roadtrip to or passing through Austria but aren’t sure what kind of rules apply in terms of tolls on the roads in this country? Don’t despair! We’ve put together short, concise guide of all you need to know before setting off on your adventure to the country of the beautiful Alps and delicious food! Driving in Austria can be a really beautiful experience, as even some of the highways go through beautiful nature. So rent a campervan at Goboony and read this article to learn about all you need to know about toll roads in Austria!
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How do I Pay for Toll Roads in Austria?

Unlike in France or Italy, in Austria you do not pay for certain parts of the motorways that you drive on, which means you won’t see any toll booths around. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this means the motorways are free in Austria. To drive on the highways there, you have to get an Austria vignette, which is a sticker you affix to your windshield in a way that police can easily see that you have got one. You can either buy an Austria vignette for 10 days, 2 months or a full year. The vignette for 10 days costs 9 euros, the 2 month one costs 26.20 euros and for a full year vignette you will pay 87.30 euros.

How Can I Attach a Vignette?

The stickers are made in a way that they cannot be removed and reattached. You must stick them on the spot that is shown at the back of the stickers. You can either affix the sticker in the center of the windshield below the attachment of the review mirror or on the upper left of the windshield. You must alway attach it from the inside of the windshield.If you have never done this before, you can always ask at a gas station for help with attaching it! Also make sure to remember to keep the small card you will receive alongside the sticker.
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Where Can I Buy a Vignette?

You can buy a vignette at almost all gas stations, motorway rest stops or tobacco stops. It is sold in countries that border with Austria so that you can be fully prepared once you enter the country. Most of the time, you can also buy one at the border if there is a gas station, however, it is always better to be safe than sorry and get your vignette a few kilometres before entering Austria! Make sure to get a vignette, as the fine for not having one is 240 euros!

Are There Any Additional Tolls in Austria?

Apart from the toll roads that you can access with your vignette, there are certain parts of the motorway that you have to pay extra for. These are usually tunnels, which means you will be stopped before passing through the tunnel to pay the fee. The following is a list of all the extra tolls in Austria:

  • A9 - Pyhrn Motorway: Bosruck Tunnel

  • A9 - Pyhrn Motorway: Gleinalm Tunnel

  • A10 - Tauern Motorway: Tauern and Katschberg Tunnels

  • A11 - Karawanken Motorway: Karawanken Tunnel

  • A13 - Brenner Motorway: Entire route

  • A13 - Brenner Motorway: Exit Stubai

  • S16 - Arlberg Motorway: Arlberg Road TunnelToll Roads in Austria H2 Goboony Motorway Austria Sun Mountain Forest

Now that you have all the information you need about toll roads in Austria and how to go about getting the right vignette, you are ready to start your adventure! Austria is a beautiful country to visit with so much breathtaking nature and beautiful cities, so if even if you were just planning to pass through the country on your way to another destination, we strongly recommend you take at least a day to explore some part of this beautiful place. Have a wonderful trip and safe travels!