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Cancel and get a refund and travel voucher if COVID restrictions prevent travel
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Benefit from our new cancellation policy

From the 1st of October, you can now book your motorhome risk-free. Most of our vehicles are now available with a special cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your booking for free if you are unable to travel due to the COVID restrictions covered in the terms

  • Refund of the rental fee up to 7 days before departure
  • Voucher for the amount of the service fee
  • Applies to all motorhomes with the "free cancellation" label
  • Also valid for 2021 bookings

Find out about the free cancellation policy

Goboony Motorhome Campervan Family H2 Cancellation Policy

5 reasons to book your holiday for next year now

We’ve noticed that many people are not only booking for autumn, but are already booking their motorhome for next summer. That may seem early, but there are several key advantages to planning ahead.

1. Campervans are still available 

Campervan travel had already grown in popularity over the past years, but since COVID-19 the demand for them has seen unprecedented growth. Even with the more than 1,000 new motorhomes on our platform, there weren’t enough campervans to go around this summer, so avoid the risk and book ahead to ensure your vehicle for next summer. 

2. Prices have not yet increased

It’s not uncommon for Advertisers to increase their rates annually given the increasing popularity of motorhome holidays. That being said, you can still book for the price of 2020 and your booking price will be honoured in 2021.

3. Popular motorhomes are still available

The lowest number of bookings are typically made in October. This means that those who do book can choose freely from the thousands of available vehicles on our platform. November onwards, we typically see a sharp rise in bookings for the following year, causing the gems to be quickly booked.

4. Your choice of the newest and best listings

With so many motorhomes available, you can have your pick of the hundreds of available listings. This includes many unique vehicles that are quickly booked up for summer months. August and September have seen plenty of new vehicles added to the website, between them may be your perfect motorhome. Take your time talking to the owner now as, from spring onwards, new campers are usually booked within 24 hours.

5. Extra advantage: long trip discount

Because the availability of campers for next summer is now greater, you can take advantage of a long booking discount if you want to go away for an extended adventure. This discount can knock between 10 and 25 percent of the price off. A long trip will enable you to travel further from home and explore all your favourite places.


Why hire a motorhome through Goboony?

  • Free cancellation if Covid-19 prevents your holiday

  • 40% lower pricing than traditional rental companies

  • Choose from the largest fleet in the UK

  • Affordable £150 deposit with our Carefree Travel insurance

  • Personal support
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