How to Get the Most Booking Requests

21 August, 2018 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

As Goboony grows, with new listings being added daily, it is important to ensure your profile is in top shape to get the maximum amount of booking requests. Every booking produces a tidy profit, and so who wouldn't want as many as possible! Particularly in off-peak times, it can be hard to get booked. That is why we’re giving our best advice on how to get your motorhome chosen, how to improve your advertiser score and more!

Goboony Yellow Campervan H2 Booking Trip Rental Motorhome

#1 Your Advertiser Score

When a Holidaymaker chooses a listing, they can see certain statistics about the Advertiser, such as how long they have been on the site. The Acceptance rate and Response rate are shown as a percentage, and it is important to keep these up through replying to messages on time. Of course, many have a job and a life aside from Goboony, so we can’t be checking out messages every hour. That’s okay! We like to recommend responding within 24 hours, which can be achieved easily through using our Goboony app. This will tell you when you have a message. It is important that even if you cannot accept the booking, that you decline it quickly so they can look for another van. Also it is great to explain why to the Holidaymaker, even if it a simple sentence. Whilst it can be hard to keep your Acceptance rate high if you get too many booking requests, the score actually reflects how ‘fair’ your rate is. If you get many bookings, but accept a high percentage of them, then your score will reflect that positively. Underneath these is how long it takes on average for you to reply, and as we mentioned, this would ideally be within 24 hours. It also says how many times your listing has been booked, and for that you’ll just have to keep taking bookings and growing!

Goboony Campervan Hire H2 Member Booking Rental

#2 Your Availability Calendar

We cannot stress the importance of updating your availability calendar enough. If you’re taking the campervan yourself on holiday (which is more than understandable!) or it is already booked in this period, then put it in the calendar! You can find it through clicking on your name when you log in and then “Availability Calendar” from the drop down list. This will reduce you being getting messages and being bothered for dates you cannot do, and reduce the amount of requests you decline, which in turn improves your advertiser score!

Goboony Availability Calendar H2 Motorhome Campervan Hire Rental

#3 Your Listing

After all, we are all here for the campervans! You can improve your amount of bookings by making your listing as strong as it could be! Firstly, this is achieved through a good name. Avoid using a simple adjective and the word motorhome or campervan, as this is not very thoughtful or original. You could either give your motorhome a name, such as “Ruby” or “Bertie”, or describe it in a short phrase - e.g. “Spacious 3 Person Motorhome”. This depicts it in a fun light and attracts people's attention. Another important way to attract their attention is the main photo. Ensure your whole campervan is in the photograph and try to get it in a nice contrasting location, like a grass field or beach! Ensure all your photos are good quality, and show a range of different things - angles of your campervan, the sleeping area, the kitchen. Feel free to add photos of your motorhome from your own holiday, as this shows it in action! We’ve noticed people love to see the awning out with a sitting area, perhaps even with some glasses on the table or snacks out! Show the motorhome in action, to help Holidaymakers imagine themselves enjoying it. Provide all the necessary information for your motorhome, with a detailed description of the model of the van, it’s perks and facilities and more! Make it a fun and light description, as people will stop reading and find a new one if they get distracted. Tick the boxes of which amenities are provided, as Holidaymakers often use this when searching for a campervan and you wouldn’t want your van to be unnecessarily filtered out. Be sure to check what your house rules are, as this can also filter out your van. For example, if you don’t wish any festivals to be visited with your van say ‘No Festivals’, but if you’d allow say a literary festival but not a music festival, you could specify that in your description or when messaging to avoid losing bookings. Make sure to be accurate in your information to reduce later disappointment. For example if you claim the campervan seats 5 people, it should have enough seatbelts for this many individuals.

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#4 Deals

It can be beneficial to add Last Minute deals to your campervan, as if it is sitting at home and not being used, then it isn’t making any money anyways! These range usually from 5-10% and can make a difference in whether your campervan gets booked last minutes. Another great one is to add a Long Trip Discount. If your campervan is booked for a long time, it reduces the amount of cleaning between individual bookings and has you earning daily with only one set of giving keys, advice and more. This discount is vital in people booking for longer than a week or two, and will really determine which they choose over location. You can decide if you want this deal to count after a week, two or more, and how much the discount is! It can be found on your listing under “Pricing”.

Goboony Campervan Hire H2 Red Motorhome Rental

#5 Messaging the Holidaymaker

As we mentioned, it is important to reply quickly to the Holidaymaker. Often they may have messaged more than one Advertiser, so the race is on! Feel free to ask them any questions you have prior to accepting the request, so you don’t later cancel it and affect your score. Ask where they plan to take it, how many people or any other questions you have. After all, these motorhomes are expensive and your property, it is only natural to check any worries you may have first. After this, it can be helpful to ask for all the information you need in one go. Make a template on a word document asking for details for the insurance, or offering pick up, and whatever else you always write. Sending this in one go each time will save you both hassle and ensure clear communication. Once your booking has been confirmed, you can contact them off Goboony if more needs to be discussed.

#6 Reviews

It is helpful to review your Holidaymaker, as this improves your profile and increases the chances of them booking your motorhome again! This also encourages them to review you as an Advertiser, which future Holidaymakers can see. A good review can determine which motorhome is chosen. To ensure the review you recieve is good, provide clear communication with the Holidaymaker and follow the Goform and other procedures. You can also set your campervan up the best you can to increase their satisfaction. This can be small little details. You could leave some teabags and coffee for people to use, courtesy of their host. Packing some fairy lights will improve their evenings (and look great for a listing photo!). Add some cute extra cushions to make the bed cosier, as well as a spare blanket in case it gets cold. Also, what we’ve heard to be super helpful is to have a little guide to the campervan packed away. This will avoid them contacting you for small issues, so you both get the chance to relax! In this include where certain things are, how to work all the amenities, and any other frequently asked questions. This also could reduce the possibility of damage if they do not know how to do something correctly. And then if damage still occurs, you can clearly show you warned them and that they are responsible!

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Using these 6 tips, you are guaranteed to flourish on the site and begin raking in great profits! Do you have anymore tips or experiences to share? Let us know and we can add them to this blog to help fellow Advertisers.