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Budget Camping in a Motorhome

11 May, 2018 in Tips for Travellers

Campgrounds near me?

Once you’ve decided camping is for you, it’s quite likely you will wonder “Are there campgrounds near me?” Finding a free campsite near you is typically a short google search away! There are numerous sites across the U.K. for you to park your lovely motorhome and enjoy the open air, and even if they aren’t free, they are usually at a fairly reasonable price. Even better, for the really adventurous, there are areas in the U.K. that allow wild camping as well. While these are rare, the locations range from Pembrokeshire to Dartmoor in Devon and of course the Scottish Highlands! So consider parking the motorhome somewhere safe, and living it wild for one night. If that isn’t quite your cup of tea, go for a campsite, where you may even have the luxury of running warm water! And if you don’t, the social nesting of a campsite is enough to entice even the most reluctant individual, think of the chance to play cards or chat over a campfire with fellow camping enthusiasts. If you’re struggling to find a free or cheap campsite and need to park for the night, look for truck stops or find a parking lot - but always check with the owner of the establishment first!

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Sticking to your budget

Given that the issue of a campsite is covered, your biggest spend following this will be your motorhome. Through us, you have a multitude of options, a motorhome to fit your every desire and however tight or loose your purse strings may be! Take your time, and choose the one that your heart (and pocket) most desires. Once this is sorted, you have everything you need to enjoy cheap camping. You may not be able to get a state of the art 6 berth beauty at 50 pounds a day in August, but a budget often demands comprimise. Through the utilities offered by a motorhome, you will be able to save some money on food throughout your trip. No longer restrained to take aways or overpriced camping foods, you can cook to your heart's desires. Plan your meals ahead, with the same ingredients being used in numerous meals. This will also save space in your cupboards and allow you to think creatively! Rely on fresh fruits and vegetables from the area, to ensure both healthy and budget friendly meals. you can always treat yourself to a meal out if you decide. 

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Avoiding unnecessary costs

One of the main unnecessary costs you’ve avoided at this point will be ridiculous prices for restaurants or take out, and in return you’ve got platefuls of delicious meals testing your inner Jamie Oliver! Another great cost of the motorhome travels is fuel. It is an unavoidable cost, unless you plan to stay stationary. But always plan ahead on the road! Keep an eye out for petrol station prices, so that when you see a low one you can fill the whole tank up! But also keep that other eye watching the traffic, a car accident is not in the budget! Avoid filling it up in or around cities, as the prices will hurt. And drive at a normal speed - as we’re sure you already plan to- in order to avoid wasting petrol. Another way to save up juice is through minimizing your use of any heating or air conditioning, instead relying on those wonderful windows and another layer of clothing. If you plan to hike or engage in outdoor sports - avoid those insane prices from buying the necessities in the store! While we strongly recommend getting the right gear, first check with family, friends or fellow campers. Perhaps you can borrow it, or at least buy it second hand. If all else fails, some stores allow you to rent equipment, so you can think about whether you’ll be using these items enough to be worth purchasing them or if renting is a better option. For all your shopping needs - be it food, flashlights or batteries- plan a big shop at your closest outlet or factory store, where you can buy gear and supplies at a discount and save some pennies.

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Keeping it fun!

The wonderful perk of camping is that you barely notice you’re on a budget, compared to so many other types of holidays. Spend your days without spending pounds, and see how easy it is! Beautiful weather? Go for a lovely hike, try your hand at fishing, or swim in a nearby river. Spend your time collecting wood for a lovely campfire for the evening, on which you can roast delicious marshmallows (we checked, and their affordable on any budget!). Bad weather? Curl up in your motorhome covered in a cosy quilt. Beat your loved ones at board games - here at Goboony, we are big fans of board and card games when it comes to social evening entertainment in a campervan! Try some new card games, a simple google search will teach you games you’ve never even heard of - but be sure to do this prior to your trip for a lack of wifi later. And then in the calm night-time, participate in one of the most spectacular, and free, activities camping has to offer: watching the starry sky with someone you care about. It is easy to forget in are largely urbanised lives, that you don’t need to be spending money to have a good time, and hiring a campervan and getting out on a trip is a great way to remind you to be creative, have good wholesome and also important, free fun!