The Winter Motorhome Storage Checklist

October 28, 2016 in Tips for Owners

Autumn has started and soon it will start getting cold and it will be time to winterise your motorhome! To make sure you do not forget anything, we made a checklist for you. This list will help you put your camper in the stall so that you can use it in no time and / or rent it out to excited travelers. Handy, right? So check out this list, print it out and get ready for winter!

Before Storing

  • Make sure you’re clear with all the terms of your insurance policy, and that anybody who rents the vehicle fully understands them too.
  • Go to the dealer and have a full maintenance check.
  • Increase the tire pressure up to 0.5 bar above the prescribed value. This will prevent flats, and keep the driving comfortable.
  • If you already know it’ll be out of use for a while, put the motorhome in storage on blocks to take strain off of the wheels. 
  • Check liquids and oils on quantity and quality.
  • Remove the batteries. The best thing to do is to keep them charged at home. Put them in a frost free place after charging them. Connect them to a so-called drop charger, which keeps the batteries in good condition.
  • Empty all water from the vehicle, in particular from the pipes, water tank and the boiler. Don’t forget to empty out the toilet too before vehicle storage!
  • Keep the hot water taps in the kitchen and bathroom open and open the safety / drain valve: raise the lever upright.
  • To winterize your motorhome, blow water pipes empty to prevent freezing during vehicle storage.
  • Make sure the fuel tank is full. This prevents condensation in the tank. This will also make it easier for the engine.
  • Disconnect the gas cylinders. In most cases, this will be a requirement of your insurance policy.
  • For motorhome storage, leave the motorhome empty. Clean out all food stuffs from the fridge and cupboards.

Winter Motorhome Storage Checklist H2 Snow Car Frost Cold

When In Storage

  • Leave the air vents open so it doesn’t get stale, and cover it with a tarp to avoid water going in. 
  • Leave cabinet doors open, and put the fridge on ventilation mode.
  • Make sure the seat and sofa cushions are upright.
  • Leave the gearbox in neutral to avoid damage to the gears.
  • Ensure it is on a flat surface to avoid an strain.
  • Do not pull up the handbrake. This will stop the handbrake from freezing or rusting.
  • Place wheel wedges either side of the wheel to stop it rolling away, as it is not in gear and the handbrake is down.
  • Place a cork between the arm and diamond of the windscreen wiper, to avoid damage and frost.

Winter Motorhome Storage Checklist H2 Snow Car Vehicle Cold

After Storage

  • Is your camper stationary for a long time and have the boot battery and board battery been disconnected for a long time? Then the engine may run equally irregularly. Do not be scared, after a long period of motorhome storage that is completely normal and a few kilometers drive it's over (if it's ok). So give your engine the time to wake up again from his hibernation.
  • Check the tire pressure, and make sure it’s all ok. Test whether they feel flatter by driving on a smooth and easy road. A bad road will only damage the tires much more.

Winter Motorhome Storage Checklist H2 Trees Nature Sun Road

Storage Costs Money!

  • The best way to avoid any storage costs, is to hire the motorhome out in periods you won’t be using it. Not only do you save money from storage, but you make money by renting it!