Checklist: Bringing your motorhome out of storage

03 March, 2017 in Tips for Owners

Do you store your motorhome over the winter months? Summer is coming up and that means making getting your motorhome ready for a season of use! This can be a big job, so we made a checklist for you so you do not forget anything. So you can go on adventures and even rent out your motorhome from the start. Print the checklist and check off it!


Goboony’s checklist for a summer-proof motorhome


  • Check for cracks on the body or sealant

If your motorhome was in storage or comprehensively winterised, it’s probably fine. However, if your motorhome has been stored in a cold garage there is always the possibility of damage from freezing. Check the roof and any calcification in the windows, vents, doors and air conditioners for any cracks. Even the smallest crack can cause serious water damage to your RV! If you come across any imperfections in the body, have it repaired immediately and you should be fine. Some you would be able to do yourself with filler. However, make sure you know what you are doing before you undertake your own repair works!

  • Check tyres for cracks and pressure

Inspect the tyres of your motorhome for any cracks. Check the tyre pressure and top it up if needed. It is also a very good time to check the treads to make sure they are even on all sides and not too worn. Need to replace your tyres? please refer to the right type of manufacturer's user guide.

  • Tips for spring cleaning your motorhome

Inspect the motorhome thoroughly for insects, rodents, cobwebs or perhaps anyone who rented it last year and loved it so much they hid in your motorhome. Remember, they love small spaces, so check all cupboards and areas where plumbing or electrical cables could provide a means entry for small beasties. It is also important to clean your motorhome thoroughly. Obviously the bedding, but also to wash the curtains and cushions. Finally it's important to clean your floors, windows and doors to remove the dust and debris that has accumulated over winter. Spring cleaning should also be carried out in your motorhome to get the season off to a clean start.

  • Check the Battery 

It is very important to check your battery at the beginning of every season. When you reconnect the battery, it may be that the ignition may be that your motorhome needs to warm up after winter. If it does need replacing it is a lot less hassle to replace the battery now than to have someone breakdown whilst using your motorhome.

  • Make sure the water pipes and other plumbing is working

Check the plumbing for leaks and check the operation of the water valves and pump. Next you need to clean the water pipes, water heater and water tank, rinse and finally, refill.

  • Connecting your gas cylinder and testing equipment

Connect the gas cylinders to check them for leaks. When the cylinders are connected, it's time to test all equipment. Think of the refrigerator, the stove and the stove.

  • Starting up the Generator again

Starting the generator can be difficult if your RV has been unused for a long time. Lack of fuel is the most common reason why a generator fails start immediately. Fill the fuel and check the oil level. If it is too low, then that also needs to be refilled

  • Bringing out the Awning

If your motorhome has an awning, check it for tears and holes. If you have problems opening the awning, we recommend getting a professional to repair it. The awning may need to be changed and this is not an easy job to do yourself. You will appreciate having a fully functioning shade during those summer heatwaves!

When all this list has been checked and completed, your motorhomes should be ready for a fun and even lucrative summer. LET’S GOBOONY!


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