The Benefits of Booking Your Holiday Early

September 14, 2023 in Tips for Travellers and Camping hacks

The best thing you can do for your future motorhome holiday is to book it now, ahead of time. We’re going to tell you exactly why this is the case. Today, we’ll explore the many early booking benefits, including pricing, freedom and peace of mind. 

Especially when travelling with kids, booking a holiday early is easy given that all of their school breaks are scheduled way ahead of time. Also, planning your time off in advance will definitely make you popular at work, rather than creating inconvenience with a week’s notice.

So if you can arrange your trip ahead of time, then we definitely recommend it! Here’s why you should book your holiday early.
Benefits of booking your holiday early booking benefits reason to book early

1. Cheaper prices

We’ve got to get one of the best reasons to book early out of the way immediately: the cheaper prices you’ll get to enjoy!

Many companies offer a reduced price for booking your holiday early, as this makes it far easier for them in terms of planning. You also get the benefit of being able to compare the pricing of different companies or holiday options, as you’re not pressed for time or limited by availability.

Closer to the time, you’ll likely find the most expensive options remaining, as everyone else booked early enough to secure the deals.

So book your transport and accommodation ahead of time to save pennies on your trip, or hire a motorhome to get both out of the way!
Benefits of booking your holiday early booking benefits reason to book early

2. Peace of mind

Life is stressful enough, so you don’t want the added weight of worrying about that holiday you still haven’t planned. It can live on the edge of your mind, eating away at your energy and increasing your stress levels. You’ll think about it at random moments of the day, and usually when you’re unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep.

Get it sorted so that you can stop stressing about your trip, and instead just look forward to it. There is a peace of mind like no other that comes from sorting your holiday ahead of time. It allows you to tick all the boxes and fall asleep dreaming about the places you’ll go, the things you’ll experience and the outfits you’ll wear.

This also ensures that you have plenty of time for your trip, and that it doesn’t end up sandwiched between other commitments.
Benefits of booking your holiday early booking benefits reason to book early

3. More options

When looking at reasons to book your holiday early, we can’t forget the importance of availability. The limited options available with last-minute booking don’t just impact you in terms of pricing, but also the freedom of your trip. You might struggle to find the campervan you’d like to hire, or there will be no spots left at your preferred campsite.

By booking your holiday ahead of time, you get to have your pick of the lot. You can opt for your perfect accommodation or transport, rather than settling for leftovers. You can look through all the options and whittle them down to the best for your travelling party.
Benefits of booking your holiday early booking benefits reason to book early

4. Preparation time

Planning your holiday in advance not only gives you a sense of tranquillity but also means that you can plan a better trip. If you have months rather than weeks to work with, you can peruse all the options and come up with an excellent holiday. Create memories that will last and embark on a bucket list holiday.

Knowing where you’ll go also allows you to build the right expectations and even prepare for the trip. If you’re going to a different country, you can download Duolingo and learn a few phrases. You can plan how you’ll get around and weigh up the value of hiring a vehicle versus using public transport. 
Benefits of booking your holiday early booking benefits reason to book early

5. Getting time off

Nothing’s worse than planning your whole trip and realising you can’t take time off then. It can be quite the chicken and egg debate. Do you first see if that trip is possible in terms of tickets and accommodation? Or do you first get the time off, risking that it’s a tricky time to travel?

The solution is to book way ahead of time, so both aren’t an issue. You’ll be guaranteed well-priced tickets and plenty of space to be accommodated, and you’ll have your time-off request in before Brenda from Accounting. 

Requesting time off in advance also ensures you can get popular periods off, such as the run-up to Christmas or the days surrounding a bank holiday, when it might be more competitive with your other colleagues. Managers tend to appreciate when people plan their time off way in advance. This ensures you can plan who’ll take over your tasks and completely switch off during your trip. It will also make it easier to coordinate with other people’s time off, such as your friends or partner.
Benefits of booking your holiday early booking benefits reason to book early

6. Reduced upfront cost

One of our favourite early booking benefits is that you can avoid paying so much upfront. If you book a last-minute trip, you’re usually required to pay the full amount right then and there. That can max out your card, or simply be a lot to stomach before your next payday.

But if you book ahead of time, your payments can usually be spaced out. Sometimes you don’t even have to pay anything immediately, or just a small percentage to secure the booking. This ensures that you never feel the burden of the payments leaving your account, and by the time your holiday rolls around, it almost feels free!
Benefits of booking your holiday early booking benefits reason to book early

7. Booking services

If you need a dog sitter or house sitter during your trip, then booking your holiday in advance ensures that you can find someone who fits your dates exactly. Even if you just plan to ask a friend or family member, giving them plenty of notice will ensure it’s all done and dusted. You can find someone to water your plants, handle your pets, or even take the kids so you can enjoy a romantic getaway.

Alternatively, you could always take your dog on a motorhome holiday!

Now that you know why you should book a holiday early, it’s time to get planning. Check out the best time to take a road trip, so you can start penciling things into your calendar. We’ve even created a comprehensive packing list for your trip, so that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about. Tick off all of these early booking benefits by planning your next trip, and why not make it a motorhome holiday as well?