The Comprehensive Guide to Motorhome Ferry Prices

June 5, 2019 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, Europe & Travel and Camping Hacks

A motorhome is a magnificent way to escape the grind of day-to-day life, travel the world and experience ultimate freedom. There’s just one obstacle between the United Kingdom and lots of other unique countries, cultures, landscapes and cities: A whole bunch of watery blue!. Fortunately travelling by ferry is an amazing experience which, besides spectacular views, might give you the opportunity to spot some exotic sea animals. But many questions accompany the decision to travel by ferry. What would be the best spot for me to take the ferry? What can I expect of motorhome ferry prices? In this blog I will show you some convenient ferry routes for motorhomes, give you an indication of the expected costs and provide you with some practical tips that will help you cross the briny deep.

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Ferry Routes from the United Kingdom

Whether you are looking for a cheap ferry to France, for cross channel ferries with an amazing view, or simply the fastest ferry crossing to Europe, the following list of ferry crossings from the UK will definitely answer your questions. Please note that all motorhome ferry prices are calculated by the size of the motorhome, and are subject to change as demand increases. One way tickets are available for every crossing which makes it possible to take a different route on your way home. For the price comparison I calculated all the prices for the 10th of July 2019, to include a motorhome and two adults.

Hull to Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
The ferry crossing to Rotterdam is a 10 hour overnight crossing hosted by P&O Ferries. The crossing includes a cabin and various on board facilities like a shopping center, five bars, live music, two cinemas, a casino and multiple activities for kids as well. As you can guess, this crossing is more for the experience, rather than a cheap way to cross the ocean. The price for an 8m x 3m motorhome and 2 adults is £278 - £609 depending on your own preferences. More information can be found on the P&O Ferries website.

Dover to Calais (France)
Out of all the possible ferry crossings to France, this 90 minute crossing from Dover to Calais is the quickest. If you are looking for a cheap ferry to France this is an ideal option. The primary  operators for these cross channel ferries are P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways. With up to 53 crossings a day it’s quite easy to find the perfect time for you to cross. The prices for an 8m x 3m motorhome and 2 adults at P&O Ferries range from £70,80 - £82,80 depending on the time of travel. At DFDS Seaways the prices for a motorhome with a maximum size of 7m x 4m range from £75-£86, and for a motorhome with a maximum size of 10m x 4m you’ll be paying £91- £116 pounds. It is also possible to obtain a more luxurious ticket which include greater flexibility for the time of travel. This might be useful if you don’t like to be dependent on an exact time to cross. More information can be found on P&O Ferries, and DFDS Seaways.

Newhaven to Dieppe (France)
Another option for a ferry crossing to France is the four hour ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe. The only operator for this crossing is DFDS Seaways and the prices for this crossing range from £96 - £120,5 for a motorhome with a maximum size of 7m x 4m. Motorhomes with a maximum size of 10m x 4m would pay £106 - £130,5. Travellers have the possibility to rent a cabin or to simply enjoy the facilities of the ship. More information can be found on DFDS Seaways.

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Plymouth to Roscoff (France)
The route from Plymouth to Roscoff would not be considered a cheap crossing to France. The crossing has a duration of 6 hours and is hosted by Brittany Ferries. You have the possibility to reserve multiple types of cabins or just a seat. Prices change with availability so it’s wise to book early. The cost of a one way crossing for 2 adults and a motorhome with a maximum size of 7m x 4m is £270. Motorhomes up to 9m x 4m with 2 adults would cost £310. Motorhomes larger than 9m long are not able to take this ferry. More information can be found on Brittany Ferries.

Fishguard to Rosslare (Ireland)
This 2 hour ferry to Rosslare Ireland is hosted by Stena Line and is the fastest crossing to Ireland. With just two ferries a day this crossing may be sold out in the high season. Thus, booking in advance is recommended and is possible from £158,75 for two adults and a motorhome. Tickets with more flexibility are available at a higher price. On their website you will find a low fare finder, which can help you select the cheapest ferry crossing to Ireland. More information can be found on Stena Line.

Holyhead to Dublin (Ireland)
Within two hours, Stena Line or Irish Ferries will bring you from Wales to the gorgeous shores of Ireland. The costs for Stena Line vary between £173 in the morning or evening, and £219 in the afternoon. An additional £11 gives you the flexibility to change tickets without additional fees. If you are looking for a cheaper option for this route, Irish Ferries is worth considering. Their prices range between £119,25 - £163,50, with the possibility to add a cabin for fee of £36. More information can be found on Stena Line and Irish Ferries.

Cairnryan to Larne (North-Ireland)
This 2 hour ferry is operated by P&O Ferries and takes you directly to Larne in Northern Ireland. The prices are fairly high, two adults and an 8m x 3m motorhome would cost about  £134,40 early morning/late at night, or £182,40 in the afternoon. More luxurious tickets cost up to £267, and include a total refund with cancelation, no booking change fee, travel at any available time, and entrance to the Club Lounge. More information can be found on P&O Ferries.

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  • A ferry crossing can be an amazing experience! But it is important to first decide if you want that full experience or just a fast and cheap crossing, this will aid you in selecting the appropriate route.

  • Pets usually travel for free or for an additional £15-20. On most ferries pets are only permitted in the vehicle. Considering this the Eurotunnel might be a more animal friendly way to cross the Channel.

  • Measurements include any extra fittings on the motorhome. Make sure the measurements are correct when purchasing your ticket, as you pay an additional fee per extra meter.

  • Electrical hook up is not guaranteed on every ferry so be sure to prepare for this. One thing most people forget is to ensure that their fridge is (almost) empty.

  • On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday DFDS Seaways has a 15% discount for travellers with a motorhome.

  • If these ferry options aren’t ticking your boxes, consider the Eurotunnel! It is an alternative way to get you and your motorhome to Europe safely, for approximately £114 - £144.

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