Road Trip in Sicily

October 07, 2018 in Tips for holidaymakers

An article about tips for places to visit in Italy almost writes itself and a blog about tips for a Sicily road trip even more so; this southern, stunning and magical part of the country is bursting with delicious food, azure sea, natural wonders and beautiful towns. Since Sicily is actually an island, it is perfect for a road trip - you can either drive down with your campervan and take a ferry from one of the few ports in Calabria or rent one (from our growing Goboony community of campervans for rent in Italy) once you reach the island, flying in to Palermo or Catania.Sicily is a must see for anyone in love with Italy and anyone that wants to experience more of the country than just the classics such as Rome, Florence or Venice. We’ve prepared a short guide on where to go in Sicily, where to stay and what delicious authentic food to try out! Road Trip in Sicily H2 Roman Greek Theater Sea Volcano Beautiful Goboony

Though you can expect all the things you love about Italy when visiting Sicily, the beautiful thing is that you will get even more; due to the international influences of Sicily during its history, having been ruled by Africans, Europeans and even Asians, the architectural wonders of this island are varied, breathtaking and memorable. Food and eating in restaurants is generally cheaper than in the rest of the country and Sicilians are known for their warmth and friendliness, so if you still needed some convincing, just book a campervan at Goboony and set off on this beautiful, sunny adventure!

What to Visit


When you visit Sicily, you must not miss out on Palermo. It is the capital of the island and boasts with wonderful architecture, beautiful weather and dozens of little historical markets, where you can taste and buy amazing fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, bread, cheeses and much more! Even if you aren’t planning to shop, the experience of walking around, tasting little treats and watching the everyday hustle and bustle of the markets is unforgettable!Road Trip in Sicily H2 Goboony Beautiful Sky Cathedral Palermo Sun


You can find this beautiful quaint village in the north-eastern part of Sicily and it is definitely one not to miss! Taormina has a beautiful Greek theater you can visit and an abundance of cute, narrow streets that lead you from one beautiful square to another. This town is perfect to grab an ice cream and walk around, admiring the beauty and serenity around you.


The second largest city in Sicily, Catania is full of beautiful architecture; don’t miss out on the wonderful Basilica Cattedrale Sant’Agata or make a trip to the nearby Mount Etna. As with most Sicilian towns, the Roman/Greek theater is worth a visit. Last but not least, the Giardini Bellini are absolute gems; you can stroll around for hours and have a picnic with beautiful views!


Cefalù is a little town located close to Palermo in the northern part of Sicily. It’s a magical place with beautiful, clear sea and sandy beaches and cute, narrow streets full of cafes, restaurants and bars. In the summer it is full of different festivals and events and is popular with locals to go out in. If you’re not into partying, you should still visit - during the day, it is a quaint little place with a lot to see and beautiful trails to walk.

Road Trip in Sicily H2 Goboony Sun Quaint Village Cefalu Italy


Siracusa is one of the most famous, historic cities on the island. It was founded in 734 BC by the Greek and because of its rich Greek historical monuments and architecture, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit this beautiful place for the endless amphitheaters, temples and other cultural gems!

Scala dei Turchi

This is an absolutely breathtaking natural rock formation that spreads out next to and into the sea. You can take a beautiful walk to it if you park your car on the designated beach parking stop a few hundred metres away and stroll down the beach towards this beauty. On a sunny day, it’s the perfect place to sunbathe or just relax for a while!Road Trip in Sicily H2 Sicily Goboony Sea Turkish Steps Beautiful

Where to Stay

Here is a useful list of the best campsites located all around the island:

What to Eat

Understandably, one of your reasons to visit Sicily or at least a very delicious perk of it will be the cuisine. As with the rest of Italy, you can expect tasty pasta and meat, however, due to its historical influences, Sicily offers just a little bit more. A must to try are the ‘Arancini’, which are little rice balls filled with mozzarella, peas, ragu, sometimes chicken liver and often the rice is cooked with saffron. All of this is then fried… heaven! Other meals you should definitely try are ‘Pasta alla Norma’, a pasta served with a sauce of tomato passata, aubergine and salted ricotta that is absolutely delicious or Pasta con le Sarde which is cooked with sardines, white fennel, pine kernels and sultanas that is also to die for! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the ‘Cannolo Siciliano’ which is a pastry filled with fresh sweet ricotta and often topped with nuts. All these delicious treats will make your Sicily road trip just a little bit better!

Road Trip in Sicily H2 Goboony Pasta Aubergine Tomatoes Delicious Italian

Now that you’ve got some inspiration for your Sicily road trip, it’s time to book a campervan at Goboony and start planning all that needs to be planned! Don’t worry too much though, the whole island of Sicily is bursting with beautiful places to visit, so even if your trip is not completely organised, you are bound to find some hidden gems along the way!