Itinerary for the Norway Fjords Road Trip in a Motorhome

01 October, 2019 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, Norway & Routes

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When you first think of Norway, cold weather and vikings might be the first things to pop into your mind. While this might be somewhat true, there are so many hidden treasures Norway has to offer visitors, in particular, the winding fjords in every corner of the country. Fjords are the result of what is arguably the most fascinating natural processes- they are valleys shaped by glaciers, occurring when massive glaciation went below sea levels. After they melted, the glaciers left stunning inlets of sea dotted with picturesque villages, or snow-capped mountains. These natural views are definitely something every person has to see at least once in their lifetime.  And what better way to do so than driving your campervan around Norway’s fjords? Don’t know where to go or what to do? Then you’ve come to the right place- this Norway road trip itinerary is here to help! 

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Day 1 - Hardangerfjord

Kick off your Norway fjords road trip in Hardangerfjord, Norway’s second longest fjord that is well known for its fruit tree flowering in spring! Like most fjords, the nature here is stunning, and what better way to admire it than spending time outdoors? You can hike to the Vøringsfossen waterfall, or go skiing (all year round!) at the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort. If it’s a little too cold, then skip out on outdoor activities and visit some famous sites within the area! The Hardanger Folk Museum offers collections of traditional costumes and old Hardanger fiddles. For those of you interested in religious miracles, then drive down to the Røldal Stave Church, which was built between 1200-1250 and is famous for its healing cross. 

Campsite: Kvanndal Camping

Kvanndalsvegen 84, 5736 Granvin, Norway
                60.471860, 6.610141

This campsite is ideally situated for short day trips to local attractions, as it is within driving distance to Bergen and Hardanger. This campsite offers boat hire, so you don’t have to search for a rental agency to admire the spectacular fjord views. There is also a kiosk that sells groceries if you’re hoping to cook your own meals!

Price per night: 150 NOK (£13.44)

Day 2: Aurlandsfjord

Wake up bright and early and start driving to Aurlandsfjord via E16, the next stop on this Norway road trip itinerary. For all you nature lovers, you’re in luck! You can go on the Heritage Fjord Safari to explore the natural wildlife in the area, and learn more about the myths and legends rooted in the area’s history. Because this is only a two hour tour, you still have time to go kayaking in Flam if you can’t get enough of the water. Alternatively, you can go on the snowshoe hiking and viking dinner to experience nature and culture in a unique way, starting off with a snowshoe tour and wrapping it up with a classic viking dinner. 

Campsite: Dyrdal Gard camping

Bakkavegen 1, 5749 Bakka, Norway
                60.918104, 6.869149

This campsite is located in Bakka, which despite its small size has been around for centuries. Buildings dating back to the 1600’s can be found within proximity to the campsite. You can also rent a kayak from the campsite if you’re hoping to explore the fjord at your own pace and take a break from your busy Norway fjords road trip!

Price per night: 2019 prices are only available upon contacting them via their website.

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Day 3: Sognefjord

Next on this Norway road trip route, drive for roughly three hours along E16 and Rv13, and you’ll find yourself at Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. In fact, it’s arm Nærøyfjord was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2005, so don’t skip this stop on this Norway motorhome route! This fjord has some of the most stunning views you’ll ever see, so be sure to admire the crystal clear waters by kayaking or taking a boat tour in Aurland. Once your 3-hour activity is over, be sure to explore the historical sites in the nearby town of Balestrad. Its most notable site is the Kviknes Hotel, the place where Kaiser Wilhem II was holidaying when he was informed of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, the event that sparked WWI. In fact, the chair he was seated at is still present!

Campsite: Veganeset camping

Dragsvik 15, 6899 Balestrand, Norway
                61.215792, 6.561947

If you’re hoping to take short hikes to explore the natural wonder of the area, then this is definitely the campsite for you! There are a number of hiking trails near the campsite, so you don’t have to worry about parking spaces! The campsite is also close enough to downtown Balestrad for you to visit, but also far away enough to enjoy camping in close proximity to nature.

Price per night: 210 NOK (£18.81)

Day 4: Nordfjord 

The next stop on this Norway road trip itinerary is Nordfjord, an almost 3 hour trip along the Fv55 and Fv615. This area is home to Jostedalsbreen, Europe’s largest continental glacier, and Hornindalsvatnet, the deepest lake in Europe! Like the other fjords, kayaking and other outdoor water activities are available and strongly recommended to immerse yourself as much as possible with the surrounding nature. If you’re looking for a more challenging outdoor activity, put on your hiking boots and head to Briksdal Glacier, where you can tackle a 3km trail to a waterfall with stunning views of the area. But if you really want a unique experience, you can visit the Stryn Ski centre, which is open all year round. That means you can go skiing in summer, and let’s face it, how many people can say they skied in the middle of July? 

Campsite: Årskogvika camping

Lotevegen 710, 6778 Lote, Norway
              61.869673, 6.072062

This small campsite is a cosy place for you to rest up. Should you be planning to take some time to visit Sogn or Ålesund, you won’t have to travel far from the campsite. If you’re hoping to take some time to relax and go fishing, then you’re in luck! This campsite is also located just by the shore, and offers guests boats to rent for fishing (or exploring the blue waters). 

Price per night: 200 NOK (£18.00) (Including electricity)

Goboony Mountain Snow Ice H2 Norway

Day 5: Geirangerfjord

End your Norway fjords road trip by driving up to Geirangerfjord, another one of Norway’s UNESCO sites, by driving for roughly 3.5 hours along E39. This fjord is very rich with nature, and one of the best ways to appreciate the scenery as much as possible is to take a boat tour along the fjord. This way you can learn more about the myths and legends of surrounding towns and see plants and fauna up close. You can book a tour online, so be sure to select one that offers the most suitable departure and arrival times! If you’re hoping to stretch your legs from a long car ride, you can always take the Waterfall Walk from the Geiranger centre instead! 

Campsite: Geiranger Camping

Fv63 4, 6216 Geiranger, Norway
                62.100665, 7.204564

Let’s face it, everyone loves kicking off their day with a warm pastry. Luckily for you, this campsite has a convenience store that sells freshly baked rolls. You can also go fishing for free on this campsite, but if you’re hoping to take a break from the water, that’s also okay. This campsite is located in the centre of Geiranger, so you can always explore local attractions instead!

Price per night: 200 NOK (£18.00) However you can pay an extra 50 NOK (£4.50) to get a spot by the fjord. 

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Bonus tip: Norway during the winter can be quite chilly, and a lot of attractions and campsites are not accessible during the winter. Some roads may also be closed due to large amounts of snow, making parts of this Norway motorhome route inaccessible. It’s best if you plan your trip between May and September. That way you’ll have access to numerous activities, and you’ll be able to catch the midnight sun during the summer!

So what’s stopping you? Pack up your bags, your family, and your pet and head over to Norway. Taking a campervan abroad may sound like a difficult task, but don’t worry, we have all the tips and tricks you need to know! Your dream of hitting this Norway road trip route under the midnight sun is within reach!