How to Stay Cool in a Campervan

08 August, 2019 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

It’s vacation time! And what could be a more exciting way to spend these summer days than a motorhome road trip and wild camping? I know it seems too daunting because of the heat, but that is easily manageable! Turn the AC on while you read these tricks to stay cool in your campervan and plan for your trip with confidence.

Goboony Heatwave Campervan Motorhome H2 Portugal

1. Air Conditioners for your Motorhome

No need to deal with summer heat aboard with all the new technology available in our modern lives! But when you want to get an AC to avoid overheating in your motorhome make sure to have it small, light, and with a quiet fan and motor to keep everyone aboard happy and comfortable. Start looking at the various options today, such as Motorhome Workshop, who supply the best air conditioners in the business!

2. Windows

When it comes to facing the heat wave in your motorhome, it is all about the windows! Have some fun with the kids and decorate your windows with large pictures. Try to use reflective bubble products as it will cut the heat transfer immediately. And ventilation as well! Simply by opening the windows on the shaded side and closing them on the sunny side, with a small fan positioned just right, you'll be surprised how fresh your campervan can be. 

3. Tarps

Always make sure to park in the shade, but if it’s not possible to find a shaded area, make one! Attach some tarps to a nearby tree and enjoy a cool spot to relax. Need tips on putting up a tarp? This can also provide the shaded are mentioned previously, for having that window open.

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4. Cook outside    

What could be more fun than making a campfire and having a BBQ party in nature? You then keep all the heat outside as well as adding great memories to your trip. You can also use a camp stove to make tea or coffee outside your campervan. I'm sure it'll let you get extra creative, with some new campfire recipes or general camping recipes. But be sure to keep things safe. Be sure to read up on the do's and don'ts of open fire cooking, and given the scorching weather and dry grass, be sure to put out your fire properly!

5. Drinks a lot of cold water and enjoy some ice cream

I know it is so obvious, but it is always worth mentioning. Drinking cold water during the day will keep you hydrated and help you feel cool. Here are some hacks for keeping your water bottle delightfully cold! Aside from this, having some ice cream with the kids you will also keep every cool and in good spirits keep your body temperature low. Why not make a fun activity out of it, and check out these cool homemade ice lollies recipes to make it with your little ones? 

6. Sleep outside

Last, but not least, what is a motorhome trip without camping in nature? Pack with you a sleeping bag or tent to spend the night out, as your body heat can warm the campervan fast. It might feel redundant with a motorhome parked next to you, but it can simply be a fun adventure for the hottest night, and allow you to still store everything in the motorhome. It might be wise to also keep drinks outside instead of the motorhome, as they'll have a better chance of staying fresh.

7. Towels and bottles

Now this trick is really cool! If nothing else works to push the heat wave out of your motorhome, just fill a bottle with ice, wrap it with a towel, hold it against you and sleep. I promise you'll never have such a refreshing snooze in these soaring temperatures. Another way is to put the wet towel against a fan, ahhhh!

Goboony Motorhome Shade Camping H2So there you have it, the survival guide for the dreadful heat. Pack some towels, ice lollies and more, and then book your motorhome right away for a last minute escape! You'll stay cool with these tricks, live the adventure, and enjoy the wild camping for your next vacation.