How to Keep Busy For the October Half Term Breaks

05 September, 2018 in Tips for Travellers and Events and Festivals

That dreaded time is coming up! You’ve just recovered from the endless days of summer, where no amount of camp or play date was enough to save you. The October Half Term Breaks are coming up again, and they threaten to bring restless children and teenagers back into our peaceful homes. But have no fear, we’ve come up with our top tips for keeping your children and teenagers busy during this time.

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#1 Being Active

Many of us feel our kids spend too much time behind various screens, and indoors under artificial lighting. That is why we should try utilize this experience to get them soaking up some vitamin D and stretching their legs. Children of different ages and interests vary on how compliant they’ll be with this, so the goal is to make it fun! Don’t send them on their bikes and make it a chore, convince them with a great offer. If you have multiple kids or choose to invite some of their friends over, you could go for a fun team sport. Find your nearest basketball court, football pitch or more. Turn a backyard into the baseball field or whatever sport suits you and your family. It can also be less conventional sports, which many will find more fun. Try making an obstacle course in the garden or in a pool. Make relay teams to see who can win. For in the garden, have courses involving balloons, or cones to keep them on their toes and laughing. You could also consider taking them to do a fun physical activity, like ice skating or rock climbing. This could turn into a new passion, or at least a fun Saturday once in a while! These October half term breaks are a great time to learn new sports and hobbies, ones that can carry on well into the semester.

#2 A Little Trip

Perhaps one of the more obvious things to do in the October half term, yet still worth mentioning. Getting the family out of the house for a few days will keep everyone pleased and busy. Go camping for a few nights, and enjoy the fresh air and nature around. We may be slightly biased, but we honestly think the best way to enjoy a long weekend with the family is a motorhome holiday! Rent one with a private owner through our site and enjoy the many perks of a motorhome holiday. Combine camping with a little bit of luxury and comfort, and you’ve got the perfect holiday. It’s ideal for packing all the things needed to keep everyone pleased, you can even bring the family pet! You can take this chance to explore your own city in a new light, or to delve into a new one. Here you can read up on our top tips for a campervan holiday with children. Where to go? Anywhere, everywhere! Use this October half term to explore England and delight in the beautiful places this country has to offer.

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#3 Getting Some Culture

The October half term in England often sadly comes with grey weather, and all are driven indoors by the rain. But the importance lies in where you’re driven inside to! Don’t end up crowded around the telly, scrolling for something decent to watch. Go to the cinema and enjoy the latest blockbuster! Head to the theatre and take in a show. Local theatres often have a wide range of performance, with ones for kids too! Catch a matinee, puppet show or short play, and give your kids the true Shakespearean treatment. Another great way to fill up on your dose of culture is by visiting a museum. I know, I know, the dreaded M word that will make the kids groan. But show them they’re wrong. Take the kids to an interactive museum. These have been spotting up across the country and are a delight for the entire family. At science museums they’ll be playing with magnets and gravity, not even realizing how much they’re learning! From the Natural History Museum to the Roald Dahl Museum, there are dozens of options. Check out a full list of the best museums for kids in the UK here.

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#4 Getting to Games

The traditional way to keep anyone entertained! Games can depict a wide description, so we’re going to work through them one by one. Firstly, old fashioned board games! Rifle through your cupboards to see what has survived the decades. Scrabble? Yahtzee? Monopoly? Maybe a delightful puzzle, of something that interests them or a beautiful view. Otherwise go to the store and buy something new, games have developed greatly throughout years. Either surprise them or let them choose out a new game to enjoy. Another type of game are homemade ones, such as hide-and-seek or tag. If you’re feeling like going all out, take them different kinds of game! Take them with their friends to laser tag or paintball, or any other kind of activity centre. You can also do the opposite and truly go back to basics. If you feel like doing some crafts with them, stock up on some glue, coloured paper and glitter and get creative! If they’re young, you could have them making masks, and if they’re older, they could try design their own board game.

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Of all these things to do in the October half term, the hard job is going to be deciding which to do! The October half term breaks shouldn’t scare you anymore, as each day just pick a different one of the activities listed and you’ll be saved for an hour minimum - phew! And don’t forget that there are plenty of places to visit for the October half term across England, from bustling London to seaside Cornwall to the stunning Lake District. Look for a campervan near you and get travelling!