Goboony During the Corona Virus

March 20, 2020 in About Goboony and Everything about Corona

Goboony Moon Corona People H2 QuarantineTop tip: No confirmed cases of Covid 19 on the moon, making it a top destination for motorhome travellers.

There have been a lot of questions raised regarding travel during the Corona Virus. Now that we're settling into our new normal, we thought we could address these further.

How does motorhome travel fit within self isolation regulations? Can I take a trip in a campervan to quarantine myself? What does this mean for my Goboony booking?

Excellent questions, and we’ve decided to address them all here, as well as discuss the precautions we’re taking at Goboony during this time.

Can I Travel in a Motorhome during Corona Isolation?

Right now, you can still travel unless you are in an area that there is a lockdown. We realise how frustrating that must be for anyone unable to adventure at this time, but hopefully stopping the spread will mean more freedom of travel accross the UK in coming months. Once that happens, a motorhome is the best way to embrace the outdoors once more. Don't make the mistake of booking a flight or heading far from home, in case the situation worsens again. Instead, hire from a private owner near you, to also help your local economy after this hit. We even have a special Covid cancellation policy implemented from any new bookings made after the 1st of October (read more here).

The two main advantages of motorhome travel are the freedom and privacy it provides. This means motorhome travel can fit well within the guidelines of social distance, if you play it safe! You won't be inciting more risk by being on planes or trains. Freedom means that by the time your trip comes around, you can choose your destination on the day itself by seeing what’s possible and safe. And privacy means you can simply move your social isolation from your home to your motorhome. 

It can be easy to feel trapped during self isolation, and many will then break their isolation and go to public places or meet with large groups. Avoid this by changing your scenery, but still playing it safe. A motorhome allows you to move everyday, and see new places, whilst avoiding the crowds of public transport or a hotel. 

Is Motorhome Hire Cheaper Now?

Yes! Given the current situation, owners are offering extra discounts on hiring their motorhome. There is also more availability than usual for the peak season, so you can still enjoy a motorhome holiday this summer! 

Advice for Travellers

If you’re considering cancelling your booking, we recommend checking with your travel insurance to ensure you’ll be reimbursed. We will be following our cancellation policy during this time, as we cannot speak on behalf of the Owners rental fee. You can find more information about this policy in our Terms and Conditions. 

However, we advise that, instead of cancelling, you look into postponing your booking! This must be agreed upon with the Owner, with confirmation from both parties. Goboony will be editing booking dates free of charge.

We understand that you may not have a new date set in stone quite yet, but then you could ask the Owner for a preliminary postponement to be specified later. This will be subject to their availability. Please be aware that should you postpone your booking and later cancel it, you will be held to the initial cancellation policy, which you can find on your booking.

It is worth considering if your booking can still go ahead, with a slight adjustment of destination and plans. If you’re going to be self isolated, why not do it in a campervan for a change of scenery? We realise this is not always possible, but if it is check out our tips below!

Booking for summer will give you something to look forward to, a light at the end of this isolated tunnel! It will ensure you can book for a good price, and beat others for the most popular dates. You can book as far in advance as you would like, and start counting down the days till you’re behind the wheel.

Goboony Campervan Motorhome Girl H2 Isolation Quarantine

Advice for Owners

Goboony will continue the existing cancellation policy. This means that if a Traveller cancels their booking, you will receive the amount specified by your cancellation policy. You can choose to waive your cancellation policy and refund your rental fee to them. Please inform us if you wish to do so, but be aware that Goboony will keep the service fee as stated in our Terms and Conditions. 

We recommend working with the Traveller to postpone the booking, to ensure both parties are satisfied. This will allow you to receive your full rental fee and a happy customer who leaves a great review! You can select new dates with them or leave them flexible, that is completely your decision. Once you’ve agreed with them, you can inform Goboony and we will edit the booking. If the Traveller moves the booking and then cancels, they will be subject to the initial cancellation policy based on the original booking dates.

We understand some Owners are reluctant to accept new bookings at this time, which is understandable. You can always agree on the booking page to have the booking confirmed, but open to postponement if necessary by COVID - 19 developments. It might be beneficial to accept bookings for later, to ensure you have a full calendar and income once things improve in a while.

The Corona Virus is spread through contact with others, and does not survive long on surfaces. You can help your Traveller by ensuring your vehicle continues to be thoroughly cleaned between bookings, and providing soap or hand sanitizer in the motorhome. This combined with minimal physical contact during handover, will reduce any risks of contamination for you both. You can find more information regarding the virus on the NHS website.

Goboony Reading Isolation Campervan H2 Motorhome CoronaIf you are going to be travelling by motorhome during COVID - 19, we recommend following these guidelines:

  1. Bring some extra cleaning products along and wipe down the surfaces. A bottle of hand sanitizer is always useful when camping - if you can get your hands on one! 
  2. Avoid busy campsites and go for less crowded options. This allows you to interact with as few people as possible. You can also look for remote, free camping options.
  3. Bring a lot of activities that you can do in your van. Board games, movies on your laptop, knitting, journaling, reading - the options are endless. 
  4. Find some new recipes to cook in your van. Non-perishables are ideal to limit trips to populated areas. This also reduces your dependency on eating out. Plus, it’ll give you the chance to get creative and stay entertained!
  5. Go for plenty of walks. This allows you to keep active and not feel confined, whilst still following protocol. 

Goboony Precautions

All employees are following the advice of the Government and working remotely from home. They are still reachable during office hours, and happy help with any questions you have. We will continue to keep our physical office closed until it is deemed safe. Some of us are working remotely from our campervans, which is proving to be very enjoyable and a refreshing backdrop for online meetings! 

Goboony Working Remote Digital Nomad H2 Quarantine Self Isolation
We hope this has answered any questions you have regarding your booking and motorhome travel during COVID - 19. If not, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help!