Fun Easter Family Breaks in the UK for 2024

February 28, 2024 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, Family-friendly travel, England, Scotland, Wales & United Kingdom

It’s time to get egg-cited for the Easter weekend, which is experienced best in the form of a memorable family getaway. Like chocolate on an egg hunt, we’ve hunted down and collected the best destinations for Easter family breaks in the UK. All that’s left to do is round up the kids and you’ll be well on your way once spring is in full swing. We’ve even included some fun outdoor Easter activities for kids, for you to enjoy together. 
easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter

1. Marsham Heath, Norwich 

A walk in the woods is a joy in every season, but add a family egg hunt into the mix and watch your children frolic like there’s no tomorrow. One of the best Easter family breaks in the UK, a spot where they can roam free while the adults soak up the surroundings and get some well-needed fresh air, is the woodland of Marsham Heath. You’ll find this  117-hectare biological site of special scientific interest just north of Norwich. It has multiple meandering tracks through an enchanting forest landscape, which will have your kids sprinting to see what’s around every corner. 

Kids activity tip: If you can’t be bothered painting eggs, or if egg hunts simply aren’t your thing, consider entertaining the kids with a little nature scavenger hunt. Create a bingo card for them to tick off the treasures they can find in the forest, such as different leaves, rocks, flowers, pinecones or even animals.

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easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter

2. Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

On the topic of enchanting forests, what better way to lure the little ones out into nature this Easter than with the prospect of them spotting an orange bushy-tailed hero? Yes, we all know that the legend that is Robin Hood wasn’t actually a fox, but the Disney character of this iconic outlaw is likely to be a bigger hit — and one they’ll have a bigger chance of spotting in the wild. So grab the opportunity to teach a little lesson in history and on morality, while on a fun Easter family break together. 

Kids activity tip: While you’re in this famous spot, really take the time to wow your kids by making the legendary story come alive. Find a good spot to sit down, and tell a bedtime story like no other, inspired by their surroundings. You can even challenge the kids to use their imagination and tell a story of their own. 

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easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter

3. New Forest, Southampton 

Mark the New Forest on your map of the best family destinations for Easter! At only two hours away from London, it’s one of the best weekend trips near London and well-suited for a spring road trip adventure. The landscape is dominated by 50-meter-tall redwoods and Douglas firs that are impressive no matter your size. From splashing around in the New Forest’s crisscrossed network of streams to spotting the free-roaming ponies, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained.  

Kids activity tip: If your children enjoyed listening to tales of good old Robin they’ll love this one: let them try their hand at archery. Kids aged 6+ are allowed to join in on the fun and trust us, there’s nothing quite like playing medieval times in the stunning setting of the New Forest. 

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easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter

4. Jurassic Coast, Dorset

Next on our carefully curated list of best family destinations for Easter, is a spot that’s very popular among parents who like entertaining their kids with tales of history. The monumental rock formations like Old Harry Rocks and Durdle Door stand proud in the seascape of the Jurassic Coast and make for an exciting coastal walk that’ll hopefully drop even the littlest of jaws to the floor. 

Kids activity tip: Instead of a chocolate egg hunt which is most likely to end in an inevitable sugar rush, get the kids a little archaeology kit and let them loose on a fossil hunt! Hype them up with stories about dinosaur footprints and turn their adventure into a quest like no other. 

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easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter

5. Isle of Wight 

If you can imagine fossil hunting to be a hit, then here’s another great destination which offers similar fun Easter activities for kids. The stunning Isle of Wight is a captivating destination for young and old, and a relaxed retreat to escape the bustle of the British mainland for a while. The climate is a lot gentler than other seaside hangouts, making it a comfortable location to spend a lot of time outside in the early springtime.  

Kids activity tip: Go sit yourself on the beach in the spring sunshine, whilst the little ones roam free on a beachcombing mission. Just like any other nature scavenger hunt, you can create a little seashell bingo card for them, with colourful sea glass as the prize collector's item. Best of all is that your children will be able to bring home a little nature treasure, which we promise, will be just as big a hit as yet another plastic toy.  

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easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter

6. Brecon Beacons, Wales 

The Brecon Beacons come first on our list of recommended places to go in the UK in March and with good reason! The beginning of spring marks a beautiful time to visit these majestic mountains in South Wales. By this time, most of the icy winter winds will have blown over, and the hills will come alive with the vibrant green and burgundy-red colours the beacons are known for. 

Kids activity tip: Set upon the mission of building a fort together. The Brecon Beacons are home to beautiful enchanting woodlands which appear to have risen out of a mystical tale of Welsh folklore. Help build the kids a cool structure between oddly shaped trees and watch them giggle while you stalk around them singing “I’m a troll, fol-de-rol….” 

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easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter

7. Dartmoor National Park, Devon 

At Goboony, it’s safe to say we’re all in love with camping. Funnily enough, for most of the team, this uncontrollable urge to pitch up in the middle of nature beneath a blanket of stars was created and conditioned at a very young age. This is why we couldn’t possibly conclude our recommended Easter family breaks without taking a stand for the experience of a wild camping adventure. 

The only place in England that officially allows wild camping is Dartmoor National Park. Wild camping in Dartmoor has always been a key driver for lovers of the outdoors to visit the area, until last year, when a wealthy local landowner won a court case on the quest to ban it. Luckily the national park authority won a widely supported court appeal which allowed wild camping in Dartmoor once again. 
easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter Now, we’re fully aware that a wild camping adventure might not be for everyone, especially when trying to keep the whole family happy. We’re also not going to pretend like early April will be warm enough for you and the kids to actually spend the night camping beneath the stars. But what you can do, is set the scene! Pitch a little tent, bring a picnic blanket, enjoy the day in nature and get the kids excited for camping adventures ahead, then round them up for a rosy car ride home.

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Kids activity tip: As for Easter activities for kids, it’s unlikely to get more Easter themed than enjoying a big family brunch in nature together. Bring all their favourite treats, spread them out on a picnic blanket and spend Easter soaking up some well-needed blues and greens. 
easter family breaks uk Best family destinations for Easter We hope we’ve left you with some springspiration and outdoor activity ideas. If you’re looking for a fun way to explore some of these family-friendly destinations, a campervan trip may be your ticket to a family Easter getaway to remember.