Best Christmas Markets in England

September 11, 2018 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, England & Events and Festivals

Whether you come for the mulled wine, sweet treats or the beautiful atmosphere, everyone can find a reason to love Christmas markets. Even the coldest, gloomiest day can serve as the backdrop to a beautiful wintery atmosphere if you know where to go; that’s why we decided to give you a little overview of the best Christmas markets in England to get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday season!Best Christmas Markets in England H2 People Laughing Twinkling Lights Wine

Bath Christmas Market

This market will inevitably come up in any recommendation; voted the UK’s favourite Christmas market last year, it is an incredible experience that should not be missed. 200 little stalls all dolled up in twinkling lights, selling everything from cosy knitted mittens to delicious cheeses, beautifully complementing the city’s Roman baths, this market is one not to miss. Walk around and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with ever-present live music and happy faces all around. If you visit only one Christmas market during the holidays, Bath should be on the top of your list!

When can you visit this fairytale? 22 November - 9 December

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

This market is located in the Inner Close of the Cathedral and offers not only quaint market chalets but also a massive ice rink for everyone to experience the true joy of wintertime. A big focus of this event is on British craftsmanship and you will find anything you can think of, from hand-sewn clothes to breathtaking glasswork. On November 30th hand-crafted lanterns will be paraded here, so make sure not to miss this wonderful event, that will end with a firework show.

In which period can you visit this wonder? 17 November - 20 December Best Christmas Markets in England H2 Gingerbread Cookies Delicous Colourful Light

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market

Yet another Christmas market that is well known for its grandeur and beauty. It is inspired by Frankfurt, Birmingham’s twin town - hence the name. You can expect to find all the necessities of a German Christmas market here: mulled wine, pretzels and bratwurst, amongst the most popular ones. You can also find an ice rink close by or take a look at Birmingham from the Big Wheel. Perfect Christmas mood!

And the dates for this magical event? 15 November - 23 December

Leeds Castle Christmas Market

This market offers the most amazing view you could ask for; located on the Cedar Lawn just across the Leeds castle in Kent, it offers a very unique Christmas market experience. Not only can you browse through the beautiful little stalls, eat delicious homemade food and drink some tasty hot chocolate, but the backdrop of the castle gives it a whole new atmosphere and definitely makes it one of the best Christmas markets in England. And in case you want a break from Christmas shopping, visit the castle. A great, little different Christmas market experience during the holidays!

Experience a unique Christma here on: 24 - 25 November, 1 - 2 December, 8 - 9 December, 15 - 16 DecemberBest Christmas Markets in England H2 Lights Night Beautiful City People

Manchester Christmas Market

You can find the biggest part of the market in Albert Square, bringing you Christmas joy from right under the town hall. The markets in the centre are situated all around, so you can go for a scenic walk while looking at some cute Christmas gifts or grabbing a bite on the way. One of the best Christmas markets in England, this one was the most instagrammed in the UK two years ago, so if Instagram-worthy photos are your style, definitely don’t miss out on it!

When can you come for your Instagram photo-op? 9 November - 22 DecemberBest Christmas Markets in England H2 Mulled Wine Oranges Hot Delicious

Brighton Christmas Market

Are you seeking unforgettable Christmas market trips? If you’re looking for a truly unique experience of Christmas cheer and a market like no other, come to Brighton. Local artists open their homes and studios to the public and create a range of beautiful pieces dedicated to Christmas. You can find jewellery, clothes, knitwear, sculptures, upcycled gems and much more!

And the dates of this unique event? Every weekend between November 25 and December 10Best Christmas Markets in England H2 Kids Apple Snow Eating Knitted

If reading this article makes you want to curl up with a hot chocolate and your agenda and start planning your Christmas market trips, we’ve done our job. Certainly there is something for everyone, and we hope you have a wonderful, fun experience visiting some of these markets this festive season. Merry Christmas!