5 Reasons To Go on Motorhome Holidays

August 23, 2018 in Tips for Travellers

Over the past decade, travelling by motorhome has continued to grow in popularity throughout Europe and the world. And this shouldn’t be surprising, for travelling by motorhome is the best way to travel - perhaps we’re a little bit biased… Travelling by motorhome opens up a new world of possibilities, it combines the classic road trip with enjoying nature and with luxury motorhome hire. As in this day and age, there isn’t reason to be sleeping uncomfortably or missing out on these wonders. So read on for out 5 reasons to go on motorhome holidays!

Goboony Motorhome Holidays H2 Forest Campervan Driving

1. Comfort

Camping is great, we all love camping, and the same goes for road trips. But I think we can all agree that the only downside is… comfort. Even the softest sleeping bag or chair will often result in a crick in your neck. And when you start to get older, these things only get worse. But motorhomes solve all of this. Although they come in many different sizes and designs, what they all have in common is that they strive for comfort. Many motorhomes are even equipped with various modern facilities such as a shower, kitchen, fridge and heater (in case you are travelling through a colder area). They’re a little home on wheels, so that you can explore and travel whilst retaining that home vibe. Through Goboony you can choose to go for luxury motorhome hire, truly treating yourself and enjoying the finer things in life, or to keep things simple and down to earth. You have all of these options, and can choose as much comfort as you’d like. But either way, it will beat sleeping on the floor.

2. Budget

No matter how much silver we have in the bank, we’re only human, we don’t like to spend unless we have to. And cheap campervan hire will ensure your budget trip begins the right way. A motorhome caters to this desire, the wish to spend enough to enjoy yourself but not go crazy. For a motorhome is transport and accommodation combined. With a motorhome you can either go for wild camping which is free, or a campsite that will definitely be cheaper than a hotel room. You’d be driving and paying for petrol either way with your road trip. And the kitchen facilities give you far more options for cooking than a loose camping stove, and reduce the amount you spend on buying easy camping food or takeaways. Being able to camp with your motorhome will reduce you spending money in a lot of ways, as it will also keep you entertained every evening.

Goboony Motorhome Holidays H2 Money Coins Saving Budget

3. Space

When you go on holiday by car or plane, you often have the problem that you can't take everything with you. A motorhome provides enough space to take as many items as you'd like, such as an outside table, kitchen equipment, or even your bikes with you. You can bring spices for cooking, extra blankets for the evenings, and more! In addition, your belongings are with you in one place for the whole trip, so no packing and unpacking at every new destination you go to. You have everything right at hand, and don’t risk forgetting things or losing them. You’re not carrying everything on your back or in a little suitcase, so you can bring small things to improve your trip.

4. Nature, nature and more nature

We simply cannot say the word enough. Travelling by motorhome allows you to truly experience the world and all it has to offer. You get to drive anywhere you want, up rugged cliffs or rolling hills or the simple open road. You can stop anywhere you like, either to sit and enjoy, or to set up camp. You can sleep with the night sky so close, and the sound of crickets in the distance. You can enjoy the beauty of a storm under your awning, and listen to the rain on your roof. You can make a pot of fresh coffee, and then sit and look around. You can spend your days exploring nature trails, and then come home to a comfy bed. Cycling fan? Cycling down the most beautiful paths Europe has to offer, and keep your bikes on the back of the motorhome. The opportunities are endless.

Goboony Motorhome Holidays H2 Hills Green Nature Clouds

5. Freedom

There is a reason our motto is to share the freedom, as that is exactly what motorhomes provide us. They allow us to avoid the rush to the airport, long flights, queues at security, hassle with luggage and suitcases. No flight times, bus timetables or arrival times at a hotel. With a motorhome you do everything at your own pace. Time is in your hands and no one else's. You can find a beautiful spot you didn’t expect, and stop there for the night. You can like a destination so much you stay an extra day of your holiday there. A motorhome vacation strengthens your bond with your fellow travellers, because you are together for the whole trip. You’re working together, finding places and spots, adventures and stories to be told.Goboony Motorhome Holidays H2 Mountains Rocks Road

Still not convinced whether traveling by motorhome is something for you? Then you can just rent one the first time! Give it a go, and see how it suits you. The cheap campervan hire on Goboony allows you to experience and taste the freedom before committing to it. It is the perfect platform for this, connecting eager travellers with motorhome owners to create the perfect motorhome holidays.