5 Best Campsites on the Isle of Wight

15 June, 2020 in Destinations and England

Please do note that some of these campsites are closed in accordance to COVID-19 regulations. Before planning your travels, be sure to check the regulations at your desired destination. If you’re unsure of how to keep your campervan clean and safe, or tips on travelling in a motorhome during COVID-19, be sure to explore Goboony’s everything about corona page for information. 

Imagine a place where you can walk along sandy white beaches, listening to the calming crash of waves upon a shore. You can see some charming thatched cottages at the top of magnificent cliffs in the distance. A short walk away lay fallen ruins that played a monumental role in Britain’s history several centuries ago. Here, you can also dance your nights away at your festival of choice, your stomach full with delicious food. 

Sounds like your dream vacation? Then you should visit the Isle of Wight! No matter where you stay on the island, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. But of course, staying somewhere nice will definitely make your experience all the more enjoyable.
If you’re ready to pack your bags, but unsure of where to stay, then keep on reading!

Here are five of the best campsites on the Isle of Wight

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 1. Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park 

This campsite is arguably one of the best value-for-price places to stay! The camping grounds overlook the beautiful blue waters of Whitecliff Bay, giving you spectacular views around the site. For all of you early birds, be sure to catch the sunrise during your stay -- the water reflects the soft colours of the sunrise, and creates a truly magical view. 

There are a lot of activities for everyone to enjoy! You can catch some sun during the day on the secluded beach. If your children love to keep busy, they can always participate in some of the unique summer activities on site, such as metal detecting at the beach, or flying remote controlled helicopters. At nightfall, visitors can enjoy movies at the open air cinema some nights, or dance along at music festivals on other evenings.  

Nearby Activity: Culver Battery is the perfect place to marvel at the beauty of nature. If you’re hoping to escape the hot sun (or the pelting rain), you can stop by the cafe on the site, or pass by the little pub for stronger drinks. There is a lot of history in the area, and immersing yourself in the stories of the past makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Prices: start from £8.00 per night for six people

Coordinates: 50°40'30.1"N 1°05'41.6"W

Open April to November

 2. Heathfield farm camping 

If you’re hoping for a peaceful retreat, then you should consider staying at Heathfield Farm Camping. Situated on a 9-acre wildlife haven that attracts and enhances local wildlife, this is the perfect place to feel at one with nature. Picnic tables and barbeque areas dot the campsite, and let face it: who would pass up the chance to have cosy picnics in a wildlife haven? You can even bring your four-legged friends along -- they will have the time of their lives running around the beautiful wildflower meadow on site. 

While you won’t be camping right on the beach, beaches are just around the corner! Colwel bay lies roughly 1km away, and Totland bay lies just a little further. These are excellent locations to soak up the salty seawater, go fishing, or try out some new watersports! 

Nearby Activity: Fort Victoria Country Park, one of the island’s many historical landmarks, is just a short drive away! The park offers lovely views of the water, which can be admired as you stroll through the area. For those of you with children, the park also has a planetarium, reptilarium, museum, and model runway, all of which are excellent ways to keep your children informed and entertained!

Prices: starting from £16.00 per night for two people

Coordinates: 50°41'22.0"N 1°31'37.9"W

Open July to September

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3. The Orchards Holiday Caravan and Camping Park 

This is yet another great place for a relaxing retreat, but is more suitable for those of you with younger children! With its playground and recreational area, your children will be able to keep busy all day. If you’re feeling a little too hot under the summer sun, you can always take a relaxing swim in one of the campsite’s two pools. 

Although it is not a beachside camping site, the area offers you the opportunity to enjoy the greenery of the island. The park is doing its part to help protect nature -- they installed ‘Bee hotels’ for bees to aid their essential pollination service. But don’t worry, the bees are non-aggressive and safe around children! They’re also very quiet, so don’t worry about having to endure continuous buzzing throughout your stay.

Ferry bookings to and from the island can sometimes be a hassle, so the Orchards team can help out with those arrangements!

Nearby Activities: Tapnell Farm Park is the place to be if you’ve wanted to see some unexpected wildlife during your visit. This farm is home to many animals, including wallabies, meerkats, alpacas, and your typical farm animals! Children will enjoy participating in the different activities here, whether they may be riding along the strawbale adventure, or racing around the go-kart track, or even scale the climbing wall!

Prices: starting from £19.50 per night for two people

Coordinates: 50°41'17.7"N 1°25'09.0"W

Open July to November

4. Grange Farm Camping and Cottages

At this cosy beachside campsite, you’ll probably find the most spectacular 360° sea and countryside views on the entire island. This family run site also provides natural habitats for wildlife, offering visitors a unique experience to be at one with nature during their stay, a key experience when camping at the Isle of Wight. 

Because the site is a stone’s throw away from the beach, you can enjoy several aquatic activities! Ready to try something new? Take a few surfing lessons at the surf school nearby. Want to explore the waters beyond the shore? Go canoeing. Hoping for something more relaxing? Go fishing. 

Be sure to pass by the farmer’s market as well, for a chance to meet some locals and get insider tips on the best places to visit! 

Nearby Activity: The Isle of Wight Pearl is an excellent place to visit if you’re hoping to get a nice cup of tea with a view. You can also explore the small pearl museum, and maybe treat yourself (or a loved one) to some beautiful jewellery. It is worth noting that this might not be the best place for those with younger children! Should that be the case, pass by the Three Bishop’s Inn, a pub with stellar reviews that’s known for its local charm.

Prices: starting from £20.00 per night per person 

Coordinates: 50°38'11.1"N 1°24'26.0"W

Open from March through October

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5. Rosemary Vineyard

This campsite is every wine-lover’s dream! Visitors get to enjoy staying camping at the renowned local vineyard, while enjoying some perks, including free vineyard admissions, and access to tastings for wines, juices, liqueurs, and ciders. Although situated in the countryside, beaches and the local town are a short walk away -- making it easy to get your well needed dose of the sea.

That being said, this campsite is definitely not suitable for those for younger children, but definitely the perfect place for an enjoyable trip. Wine tastings, and sunny beaches, what more could a person want?

Nearby Activities: Visit the ruins at Quarr Abbey which have Britains earlier documented gun ports. With its foundations laid around 1100 AD, it comes to no surprise that there are hidden secrets of history in the stones. Although it remains to be a monastery to this day, it is still an interesting place to visit, regardless of your religious beliefs. 

Price: starting from £12.00 per night 

Coordinates: 50°42'57.4"N 1°09'50.0"W

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It isn’t hard to see why the Isle of Wight should be one of your top of your ideal destinations. From coasteering to windsurfing, you'll have plenty to do! And what better way to make the most of your trip than renting out a motorhome to explore the hidden gems of the island? Goboony offers private motorhome hire, and in just a few short clicks, the perfect vehicle for your trip is all yours! Get ready for the trip of a lifetime - the Isle of Wight awaits you.