VW Campervan Hire in Edinburgh

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Considered to be one of the best weekend getaways in Europe, Edinburgh is a delight for any traveller. From the medieval Old Town to the elegant Georgian New Town, there is plenty to explore and enjoy. Your calves will get quite the workout in this hilly capital, as will your stomach with the wide range of delicious restaurants! Visit the magnificent Edinburgh Castle - complete with Scotland’s crown jewels - and the famed Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park. VW campervan hire in Edinburgh is the ideal way to explore the city, as you have the freedom to drive around at your leisure. You’ll be able to escape the bustle of the city in the evening, and enjoy the tranquility and social nature of the various campsites in Edinburgh. A VW campervan is ideal for navigating throughout a city such as Edinburgh, and you won’t have to struggle for parking due to size! 

You can organise your VW campervan hire in Edinburgh through Goboony, to rent directly from a private owner. This allows you to reduce your rental costs, as well as contribute to the sharing economy. Start searching through the wide range of options for VW campervan hire in Edinburgh available on Goboony, and find your perfect vehicle - will it be a cosy T3 or a converted California? Let the adventure begin!

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